Recycling & Waste Management Awards 2022

10 BUILD Recycling & Waste Management Awards 2022 Dead leaves and/or pine needles on the lawn can be can be mulched with a lawn mower back into the ground, raked, blown or sucked up. The choice can oftentimes depend on the quantity of leaves that exists. If the amount of leaves is not very much mulching is quicker and a more efficient leaf removal routine than picking them up. Mulched leaves left on the grass create a natural fertilizer, providing water and nitrogen. This takes away the worry about collecting leaves and disposing of them properly. The guidelines regarding grass clipping disposal applies the same to leaf disposal with regard to options, rules and regulations. Tree and shrub trimmings, branches and sticks will usually need to be picked up and disposed of. Most of these will have to be picked up by hand and placed in piles for disposal. Again, individual municipalities and/or homeowner’s associations have differing requirements about how, when and where to leave these items to be picked up from the curb. Some may require them to be bundled and tied with size limitations. Contact the local authorities on these matters so see what rules apply. Also, a professional lawn care service can be hired to pick up and/or haul away this type of refuse. Another option might be to call local recycling companies to inquire whether they are interested in picking up any lawn disposal items. There is also the option of buying a mulching machine and turning it into mulch to be used in the beds. In the end it is up to the individual to determine what is required and what they need or want to do. This list should provide general guidelines to help make a more informed decision. ver wonder what is the best thing to do with the grass clippings, shrub trimmings, leaves, branches, sticks, pine needles and other refuse that come from lawn maintenance? There are options and not everyone does the same thing or has the same needs or goals. If you are interested in what the options are and the benefits and/or drawbacks of each keep reading what the Fresh Lawn Care Service in Houston Experts have to say. Grass clippings can be left on the lawn or picked up. The easiest and most beneficial thing to do is to mulch the clippings back into the lawn. It is very good for your lawn in that it insulates the roots from the heat and hot sun and also helps the lawn retain moisture to withstand dry periods. Of course this is only if there are a normal amount of clippings. If the grass was overgrown and the clippings are unsightly then there are better options. The clippings will need to be blown, raked or sucked up into a mower or other lawn tool bag attachment. The next thing would be to determine how to dispose of these clippings. Most cities and municipalities have regulations regarding how to dispose of lawn waste if utilizing public trash collection at your home. Some homeowner’s associations have certain rules regarding the same issues. They can be particular about the disposal method regarding the color of the trash bin or bags to use and on what day and where to leave these items for disposal. Be sure to use city approved bags if required. There are also lawn care services who will pick up and/or remove the clippings for a haul away fee. “In addition to the many choices of what to do with the refuse from lawn maintenance there might even be an opportunity to make $ with it.” E Lawn Care Expert Shares Advice on How to Make Lawn Care Recycling Easy