2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards

3 2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards BUILD 8. University of California, San Francisco: Recognized Leaders in Education Waste Management – California & Innovation Award for Landfill Reduction Initiatives 2019 10. North West Waste Consultants Ltd Best Construction Waste Management Company - North West England 12. InnoMax B.V. Best Environmental & Technology Recycling Consultancy Firm - Netherlands 13. Aquathin Corp. Excellence Award for Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Recycling Operations - USA 14. SOLAR OUTDOOR MEDIA Best Waste Management Technology Maintenance Company 2019 16. Rubicon Global Best Full-Service Solid Waste Management Company 2019 17. Crucible Gypsum Recycling Limited Best Plasterboard Waste Recycling Specialists – UK 18. Sharpsmart Ltd Best Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Company - UK 20. Pfane Environmental Association: Best eWaste Recycling R&D Specialists 2019

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