2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards

BUILD 2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards 16 Nov19148 echnology lies at the heart of Rubicon, and its offer of a suite of SaaS products for waste, recycling and smart city solutions that is unparalleled anywhere else. Collecting information to guide data-driven solutions, the intention is not just to provide an alternative to sending waste to landfills, but to change how businesses think. Rubicon transforms these businesses into sustainable enterprises, it changes neighborhoods into greener place in which to live and work. And the construction industry is no exception. With most construction and demolition debris thrown away, it’s no wonder that this industry is one of the most rapidly growing for Rubicon. Arranging for dumpster service is not a solution, but actively working to make their partners better is the name of the game. The team tries to get in on the ground floor of construction, at the design stage where the biggest difference can be made. Rubicon offers a total solution to clients, getting them from where they are to where they want to be and beyond. With the use of expert knowledge, customized recycling programs allow construction partners to get the most out of residual materials. Through Rubicon’s customer portal, it’s possible to view detailed metrics by waste type and time period so customers can see the good work that they are doing. The growing work in the C&D sector has given Rubicon access to a nationwide network of vendors, making it much easier to attract the best haulers in markets to perform services. In order to best match what customers need, optimizing every stage of the process is a must. An incredible amount of research goes into ensuring that all reuse, repurposing and recycling options are carefully considered and vetted, that there is paperwork confirming what was recycled and how, and that all this is tracked and confirmed. A lot of what ends up being recycled is dependent on the choices of the individual builder. While there are markets that have strict regulations on how much C&D waste must be diverted from the T landfill, some markets have no regulations at all. Unfortunately, some areas still have very little infrastructure to recycle at all. There are, of course, some builders that will have established sustainability goals and will try to divert materials as necessary. Some will not choose to recycle anything, throw all the waste in one container and send it off to landfill. Making C&D recycling easier for all concerned, Rubicon provides a valuable service to individuals, businesses and city councils alike. It’s a valuable service that can make a huge difference on a cost basis and on an environmental one. As the world tilts towards a sustainable future, Rubicon are leading the charge. Contact: Chris Batterson, Construction and Demolition Lead Account Manager Web Address: www.rubiconglobal.com Email: [email protected] Rubicon Global Best Full-Service Solid Waste Management Company 2019 An estimated 3.7 trillion pounds of construction waste gets thrown away by Americans every year, but much of this waste could, and should, have been recycled. Taking on the massive waste crisis that the world is finally taking notice of, Rubicon Global is offering a practical solution that takes advantage of the latest in modern technology. This company has built its business with a simple mission: to end waste. C&D is a key vertical that Rubicon targets and we profiled them to find out more. “It’s a valuable service that can make a huge difference on a cost basis and on an environmental one.”

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