2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards

BUILD 2019 Recycling and Waste Management Awards 14 Nov19142 worldwide business integrator and start-up developer for both the private and public sector, SOM focuses on delivering smart city solutions, whilst promoting an ethos of being self-sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Inefficient waste management systems can create seriously negative environmental impacts, including the spread of infectious diseases, land and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity. Through its innovative new technology for eco bins, the firm aim to help cities and businesses alike be smarter with waste management and protect the environment from harmful effects. Founded in 2017, this Berlin-based firm continues to promote a healthy connection between cities and residents, making a positive impact in the places it works. The core mission of SOM is to improve the wellbeing of citizens, whilst helping advance understanding of waste production. In turn, that understanding can lead to the improvement of environments across any city or business. One of the ways that SOM is seeking to do this is through a new proprietary form of waste management technology, aptly named the SOLAR WIFI ECO BIN (SWEB). A solution designed for smart cities, SWEB promotes recycling and a healthy community connection between cities and their residents. Powered by photovoltaic panels, each eco bin also doubles as a solar- attractive sanitary, recycling, and refuse centre. A source of data- driven waste management unlike any other currently available in the waste management industry today, these innovative eco bins can help cities in a multitude of ways. Each eco bin is also linked to a user-friendly app for smartphones, where users can see and use data from the bins themselves that measure fill-levels and other information. The app informs users of the nearest available empty bin and encourages them to be more responsible for waste disposal whilst remaining environmentally-friendly. By providing real-time feedback through the app, any user can report issues directly A to SOM and help reduce litter overflow. As a result, the city becomes greener, cleaner, and more pleasing to live in. Able to optimise bin capacity, location and type, waste management companies can also optimise their own waste collection frequencies and plan routes more efficiently to deal with the most full bins. This level of planning and detail available in the mobile app also means that cities can benefit from relieved traffic congestion during bin collection hours on more central routes. Fully implementable across industrial parks, supermarkets, hospitals, laboratories, gas stations, facility management companies, and collectors of e-waste, SWEB offers a full smart waste management solution. Most businesses produce waste, and the disposal costs are constantly rising. SOM’s waste management solutions are increasingly attractive to businesses wanting to reduce waste collection costs, as the SWEB can reduce those costs by at least thirty percent. There has seldom been a better time for SOM to be involved in the waste management market either, with the industry being worth more than three hundred billion dollars as of 2017. With a market-compounded annual growth rate of six percent per year up until 2025, the market sector could well be worth an estimated $484.9 billion in the next five years. The knowledge and insight of SOM to enter the market at this time is nothing short of exceptional. In order to take full advantage of this exponential growth in the waste management industry, the team at SOM has a detailed and in-depth plan for rolling out the SWEB across the globe. The firm’s first full year of global operations will take place in 2020/21, with plans to have solar Wi-Fi eco bins in countries across the Western Hemisphere such as, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Aruba, and the United States , as well as Kosovo, Moldova, Italy, Spain and Germany through the firm’s European entity. Based in existing commitments only, SOLAR OUTDOOR MEDIA Best Waste Management Technology Maintenance Company 2019 Since the world’s attention has shifted towards environmentally-friendly practices, companies such as SOLAR OUTDOOR MEDIA GmbH (SOM) have become more widespread. However, this company continues to stand out for its commitment to delivering self-sustainable, nature-compatible solutions that can be integrated into smart cities across the globe. To find out more about this firm’s innovative waste management technology offerings, we examined the firm in closer detail.

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