2017 Sustainable Building Awards

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 33 Email: [email protected] Phone: 01189 303 600 Website: www.xpertenergy.co.uk put in recently built houses. Xpert energy have taken on a few new contracts as a result and are constantly expanding. Housing Associations are managing more and more properties with renewable technologies (such as heat pumps) that have been installed. Peter Rokvic, who manages the Service and Maintenance side of the business explains. “We have been called out to resolve issues with existing heat pumps and noticed that a lot of the heat pumps that have been set up by other firms, were done so incorrectly. The situation is exasperated by tenants having minimal - to no understanding of how they work. Just by setting the heat pump to the correct setting and giving teaching to the tenant, we have seen a significant reduction in return maintenance visits. “Housing Associations and private tenants will notice the savings they make with Planned Preventative Maintenance, as an annual service maintains efficiency and reduces running g costs. There have been quite a few who call up with issues relating to poor installations. Once these have been rectified an annual service can save the customer a small fortune in running costs and re-active repairs.” Looking to the future, Sarah and Peter have high hopes for the improvement of the UK sustainability market, and their firm aims to be at the forefront of these developments.

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