Sustainable Building Awards 2017

32 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 , Best Renewable Energy Technology Design & Installation Company - UK Xpert Energy offers turnkey solutions for both residential and commercial properties to improve their energy efficiency, as well as providingmaintenance services for renewable energy systems, with a focus on heat pumps. We talk to the firm’s Directors to find out more. Drawing on its broad experience, Xpert Energy offer a range of products including air, ground and water source heat pumps, under floor heating, MVHR (mechanical ventilation heat recovery), insulation, solar thermal, photovoltaic, thermal stores, efficient radiators, and biomass. Sarah Jones, who deals with the installation side of the business, provides more detail on the firm’s vast offering and how it aims to ensure that every client receives the solution they need. “Xpert Energy support clients with all of their energy needs, whether it’s an existing building or a new build. Thanks to our dedicated, professional team, we can provide services throughout the project, from conception to completion. “Our team include designers, 3D modelling specialists and energy consultants. We have an in-house installation team and a dedicated Service and Maintenance Department. Acting as a one-stop-shop for our client’s, means that we are able to ensure that the quality of our work is second to none.” According to Sarah, in the UK sustainability market there is a severe lack of knowledge in the provision of integrated energy saving solutions. Xpert Energy is able to offer the spectrum of its services in-house, from SAP calculations right through to installation and commissioning of systems, so that clients receive the support that they need in all elements of the project, with tailored solutions provided at each stage. “There is a major lack of knowledge and experience on how to create integrated energy saving solutions in this country. We learn from European countries such as Sweden and Germany where we see the true scope of what can be done, but over here very little is known about these techniques, so clients are often miss out on the solution which is right for them. “With installations, when it comes to design, our focus SU170026 is to determine the heating load for each individual room with pinpoint accuracy. Equal emphasis is given to designing heating to maximise the efficiency of (for example), heat pumps or gas boilers, which will in turn maximise running costs making this a valuable investment for our client.” Xpert Energy acts independently, not tying itself to any one manufacturer so that it can match the products most appropriate to each client’s needs. This is what sets the firm apart, according to Sarah. “We tailor our services to their individual situation, as well as employing a dedicated and fully trained team of staff who have varied qualifications in sustainability and energy efficiency. Many of these are at degree level and we are accredited by several governing bodies, including the AECB, MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme), REAL Assurance Scheme, IDHEE and CHAS Health and Safety, as well as being Passive trained. This vast amount of technical knowledge enables us to make an accurate assessment of every client’s individual requirements and then create a solution which will fulfil these needs.” The firm is currently inundated with bespoke projects thanks to the quality of its service offering. It is the continuing success of our installation side of the business that has allowed us to grow our team of installers to recently include Kirstin. Kirstin has been working alongside one of our senior team members, training in renewable energy technologies such as installation of heat pumps, MVHR, radiators, underfloor and solar and we are absolutely thrilled with her. The strength of our team grows as our more senior members pass on their knowledge and experience and new recruits bring in fresh enthusiasm. Xpert’s Service and Maintenance department has also seen a lot of growth with a number of housing associations realising they need to contract specialist heat pump engineers to manage the vast amount of heat pumps