Sustainable Building Awards 2017

28 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 , Best Wildlife Nesting Product Provider 2017 – UK & Excellence Award for Building Integrated Bird & Bat Houses 2017 The Bird BrickHouse is an innovative product that provides permanent nesting sites and wildlife enclosures as an integral part of a building. We explore the secrets behind the success of this unique solution. Bird Brick Houses’s award winning, unique design facilitates brick matched bird and bat boxes that blend with the host wall. Additionally, the firm’s considerable industry expertise is available to assist architects, developers and planners to meet planning requirements for biodiversity. Specially adapted boxes are available for render, stone and weatherboarding to ensure that every eventuality is catered for. The exact design of every product is tailored at the production stage to attract the clients’ required target species. These bird boxes house a wide variety of UK birds, among them House Sparrows, Swifts, Starlings, Redstarts and Tits. Alongside the bird houses, the firm also offers bat houses which are designed in conjunction with specialist ecologists. The wood lined box provides exactly the right environment for most of the UK’s bat species. The entrance hole can be tailored to suit different species of bat if required. The box is self-cleaning thanks to an internal tilt board at the base; this works by diverting droppings out of the entrance hole. The back of each box is lined with wood; in front of this sits a removable untreated sawn oak baffle board which divides the main area into two, giving extra roosting space. SU1700121 Contact: Jenny McCutchan Contact Email: [email protected] Address: The Old Parlour Wilbees Farm, Wilbees Road, Polegate, BN26 6RU, UK Phone: 01323 488732 Website: Ultimately, these creative products are designed to meet the exact needs of the individual client and minimise the damage caused by birds and bats, providing them with safe housing to ensure that they do not damage property in their search for a home.