Sustainable Building Awards 2017

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 25 , Best Building Services Engineering Consultancy - Malta b.Nel is active in building services engineering consultancy, supporting a wide range of clients. We profiled the firm to find out more about themand what makes them such a success. b.Nel Services Ltd. was set up in 1992 as a small engineering consultancy practice by Ings. Victor and Theresa Bonello, both electrical engineers. Small and large scale, residential, commercial and industrial projects are undertaken from inception through budgetary estimate stage, design, tendering and adjudication, followed by site supervision right up to final testing and commissioning. As a result of an ongoing commitment to quality of service and customer satisfaction, demand for the company’s services grew quickly, necessitating a corresponding growth in human resources, to include nine qualified and warranted electrical and mechanical engineers, three draughtspersons, two administrative personnel, and three sites supervisors. Today, the company employs a total of sixteen employees. For the past six years, the company has been operating from new, centrally located offices in Msida, Malta. Offering a variety of services, the firm offers consultancy in both electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines such as; Passenger, car and service lifts, Air- conditioning and air treatments systems as well as ventilation. The company has successfully carried out a good number of prestigious projects commissioned by various Government Departments and private concerns. Marking themselves out as the best option for new and prospective clients, the positive feedback b.Nel get following successful completion of such projects encourages the entire team to look forward to the future to provide efficiently designed, cost effective and in time engineering consultancy services. Through industry experience and a keen interest in engineering services and online technologies, staff are able to offer a diverse range of services to its clients. The firm’s creative abilities encompass architecture and civil engineering. Regarding its electrical services, electrical engineering is part of the daily routine at the firm. It is characterized by efficient lighting designs, ranging from localized lighting for commercial buildings, open-plan lighting designs and custom lighting for any untraditional schemes. The electrical branch of engineering also includes the distribution of power in a building. Power circuits are split into separate circuits according to their use and location. Each circuit is protected by circuit breakers, which, together with all other switchgear, form the heart of any distribution system. Lightning risk assessments are carried out by the warranted SU1700120 Contact: Victor Bonello Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Flat 5, Central Court, Triq tal-Qrogg, Msida, MSD 1703, Malta Phone: 00356 99490064 Website: engineer to determine whether or not a lightning protection system is plausible. In such a case, the design stage is carried out in accordance to the report’s results and the system is supervised until the commissioning stage. Employees at the firm are skilled in all phases of a project, starting at the design and budget estimate stage and ending at the complete commissioning of the project. Unconventional designs are normal at the business. The company includes custom designs suited to clients’ satisfaction. Such designs include the specification of Zone 2 explosion proof equipment and the design of frequency converters to allow aircraft maintenance equipment to operate at 400Hz. Alongside its engineers, the firm also employs site supervisors and project managers. Their main task is to oversee that the construction of a site is processing as planned, keeping the client updated with any developments and ensuring the project goes as planned. Site supervision also includes the presence of the company at the specified location and thus the possibility for the client or any of his contractors to ask any questions concerning design and implementation. Site supervision also provides an excellent means of communication between the designing engineers and the project development. Fundamentally, b.Nel can look forward to a successful future as it can rely on expert providers covering a variety of disciplines. The firm’s versatility is something which will help it in the long term as it looks to build and capitalise on its recent success.