Real Estate & Property Awards 2017

Build Real Estate & Property Awards 2017 4 reakform allows accredited investors to invest with its private equity fund vehicles to receive superior risk adjusted returns from the real estate asset class. Ridaa goes into detail, discussing some of the projects that the firm is currently working on, as well as listing some of its clients. “Currently, through BREAKFORM | RE we are involved in the development and redevelopment of high end residential properties in the prime markets and sub-markets of coastal Southern California. Also, through our subsidiary, BEDROCK | GROUP and its private equity funds, we acquire, own manage and operate manufactured workforce housing communities across the United States.” Within the competitive real estate and property sector, Ridaa explains what particular areas the company focuses on. He outlines multiple reasons why the firm specialises in certain practices, before listing where he believes the greatest opportunities in the sector are. “As a firm, Breakform is focused on looking for fragmentation and dislocation within the real estate asset class. We believe for a multitude of reasons infill residential developments and manufactured housing communities remain extremely fragmented and dislocated as an asset class leaving an incredible investment opportunity. We believe that the greatest investment opportunities and returns lie in areas with the greatest stigma or revulsion and the two areas we operate in have plenty of both.” Being noticeable in such a competitive market can be tough, Ridaa believes that the team is full of experience and knowledge, and this is a key aspect of what makes it stand out. Plus, the development business is focused on which geographical areas the firm has an edge. “Here at Breakform, our team, our experience, our fully integrated nature and full controls of the entire process and our focus makes us different from others in our space. Our development business is geographically focused, in areas where we have an edge, in communities where we reside and are active members of, in regulatory environments we know better than anyone else. In our manufactured housing business, our use of big data and technology separate us from others. We have successfully taken manual functionalities and completely automated them through technology, giving us a unique edge.” Regarding the internal culture within Breakform, Ridaa discusses how it is important for staff to believe in themselves, and therefore the team give employees the chance to shine. Every member of staff is open with each other, and up and coming talented staff are always given the opportunity to prove themselves. “Essentially, Breakform are an institutional quality investment firm that operates like a start-up. We love working with and around raw talent, giving them the opportunity to prove themselves. The team runs an open office culture, in which the sharing of ideas is openly encouraged. At the same time, we are extremely process driven as we believe a tried and tested process ensures the greatest success.” Looking to become a leader within the real estate market, the company wants clients to come to them first. Ridaa highlights the strong work ethic of employees, always looking to improve their solutions, guaranteeing clients are satisfied and likely to return and recommend. “Staff work towards achieving the same vision. Our mission is to be the “go to” firm for all accredited investors looking for asset backed, steady and repeatable risk adjusted returns from real estate. We are fiduciaries who work tirelessly every day to be “best in class” across each segment of our process driven chain from sourcing, acquisitions, operations, development, management and disposition.” Signing off, Ridaa envisages what the future will be like for Breakdown. He alludes to a current project the firm has undertaken, raising money for housing developments. Stating that Breakform will grow progressively, there looks to be a positive outlook for the company. “Ultimately, we are aggressively working on the launch of our next real estate private equity fund for residential home development and another offering for our manufactured housing community fund. We are raising $75mm Best Real Estate Private Equity Fund Manager - California Breakform Realty Ventures, LLC is a fully integrated real estate development company and private equity fund manager focused on the largest dislocations and fragmentations within the real estate asset class. Ridaa Murad provides us with a breakdown of the company’s services, describing some of the success that the company has had. B RP170004 Company: BREAKFORM | RE Contact: Ridaa Murad Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 109 Eucalyptus Drive, El Segundo, CA 90245, USA Phone: 001 310 881 9509 Website: