2017 Real Estate and Property Awards 2017

Build Real Estate & Property Awards 2017 8 roviding a modern agency experience, Streets Ahead aims to give the ultimate personal services to its client, helped by its professional and friendly customer service. The business focuses on delivering results for its clients, and possessing over 25 years of property experience, continues to build a good reputation in the local area as an esteemed reputable sales and letting agent. Taj goes into more detail about what he and his staff work towards, on top of providing excellent customer service. “All of our staff understand how important it is to pick the right partner when it comes to selling or renting a home, and the Derby property market allows us to help each and every one of our vendors, buyers and landlords reach their property ambitions. Each member of our team possesses various amounts of experience, and guide the client through the selling and letting process from start to finish. We offer a variety of services for lettings including fully managed lettings, as well as finding tenants for landlords, plus, in regard to selling, we use traditional methods as well as embracing the internet whole heartedly.” What makes the business stand out is its customer service, as Taj already alluded to. However, this comes about from an excellent internal culture and he explains what he takes to cultivate a fun and happy working environment. Staff do not compete against each other leaving them to only have the best interests of the client at heart, something Taj is keen to point out. “Embedded in the company culture is our team ethos, and everyone is supportive of each other, making sure we go the extra mile for clients. We do not let anyone slack, and employees eventually learn to stand on their own feet and provide the best service possible. We are aware other agents operate with a structure where their employees are competing with each other due to commission targets, however we believe this takes the focus off the landlord’s interests. We work together collectively to ensure we are a strong unit and competing only with outside competitors.” Giving us an overview of the real estate industry within the region, Taj remarks that the Derby market is like no other, and is very competitive. He notes that the wider East Midlands however has seen a rise in house prices, and this is good as it increases the chances of potential investors looking for yield on investment or long term growth. Best Residential Real Estate Agency 2017 – Derby & Estate Agency Managing Director of the Year 2017 Streets Ahead Estates is a vibrant and innovative firm. Its focus is on delivering an exceptional service, to both landlords and tenant in the lettings division and both buyers and sellers in the estate agency. Managing Director Taj Gill provides us with details about the firm’s services, discussing what makes it successful. P RP170011 Company: Streets Ahead Estates Contact: Taj Gill Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 60 Babington Lane, Derby, DE1 1SX, UK Phone: 07977 301227 Website: www.streetsaheadestates.co.uk Within Derby, there is a number of Letting and Sales Agents all trying to gain a foothold and market share. On a positive note, the east midlands has seen a higher increase in house prices more than any other UK region. As a result, there is a lot more interest from investors out of the area, including overseas investors looking to invest for yield and long term appreciation.” Moreover, Streets Ahead would not have the reputation it has without Taj. Despite holding a wealth of experience in other industries, Taj has comfortably taken to the Real Estate industry, since setting up his own company in 2004, thanks to his disillusionment with the corporate world. Having purchased his first property in 1989, Taj has grown a respectable portfolio and understands what service a landlord requires from an agent. A landlord of over 25 years standing and an Eviction Specialist and securing possession 14 times in Court, Taj has become well respected in the Property Circles. He has featured on local radio numerous times, been featured in the local newspaper and has been on national television including BBC1, Homes Under the Hammer. Regarding the future for Streets Ahead Estates, Taj outlines his overall aim of becoming one of the leading Estate Agency businesses within Derby. He signs off by explaining what developments he foresees going forward within Estate Agency industry, and how the firm will adapt around it. “Having been established now for over six years, we wish to increase our market share in lettings and sales and be considered as one of the recognised companies in the Derby marketplace. “It really is a challenging time to be a Letting Agent right now, with a ban on tenant fees looming and more regulation for landlords as Agents we need to be abreast of what lies ahead and how to adopt in the marketplace.”

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