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Build Real Estate & Property Awards 2017 10 stablished in 2009, HPC is an award-winning, independent firm offering specialist advice and services to those operating and investing in the healthcare sector throughout the UK. The two principal directors, Ian Wilkie and Nigel Newton Taylor, have worked together for seventeen years and have over 50 years combined experience in the commercial property and social care sectors. They have combined their respective expertise in transactions and advisory services to create a highly specialised practice with a focus on elderly and specialist care services, including learning disabilities, mental health, autism, children’s services and extra care. Ian Wilkie has over 30 years’ experience in commercial property and has specialised in healthcare since 1990. He has worked throughout the UK, including four years in London heading a national healthcare department. Ian has been lead advisor on major social care transactions, including deal values up to £100,000,000. He was Managing Director of GLP Taylors and has been a Director at Christie & Co. Nigel Newton Taylor is a Chartered Surveyor with over 25 years’ experience in both public and private sectors. Specialising in care, he has provided a mix of consultancy, valuation and transactional advice to a wide range of clients including Local Authorities, lending institutions, non- profit organisations and corporate providers. Having commenced his career within a government agency, Nigel switched to the private sector in 1997 and has held the positions of Director at Christie & Co and Senior Director at GLP Taylors. To ensure excellence for clients, HPC’s ethos is to engage in open, honest dialogue with clients and customers in order to understand their requirements and goals and achieve the best outcomes. As such, the team’s relationships with their clients develop over many years and the staff’s own experience enables them to take a considered approach which recognises that the best advice may involve longer term strategies. A key aspect of this approach involves working closely with colleagues and associates in the sector and sharing information and ideas wherever possible. Equally, HPC understand when discretion is required in relation to both healthcare and business and operate within strict parameters to protect its clients’ businesses and those in their care. It is this client focus, alongside the team’s experience in the market, that sets HPC apart from other healthcare property consultants and marks them out as an ideal partner for clients from across the sector. Successfully independent in a sector which has become very crowded with the major surveying firms, HPC is able to offer a truly unbiased and expert opinion to everyone it works with. Recent years have seen a further increase in the degree of HPC involvement in the planning process. Providing advice in respect of planning activity in most regions of England, the nature of development ranged from care home extension through to full Care Village. Typically, this area of HPC consultancy service is initially provided through a Care Needs Assessment, indicating the need, or otherwise, within a locality for further registered care accommodation. However, there are instances where the team’s expertise is called upon to far greater extent and this was typified in recent months. Having been unsuccessful with a mixed-use development application in West Oxfordshire, a national developer was advised by their barrister to seek the advice and support of HPC. Acting as Expert Witness, Nigel Newton Taylor was able to illustrate demand for both the proposed care home and assisted living development. Providing evidence both through written proof and, subsequently, in person at Planning Inquiry, the input of HPC was ultimately instrumental in overturning the original decision. On the strength of such successes, HPC has grown in stature since it was originally established and continues to provide a service rooted in honesty, integrity and expertise. Moving forward, these values will remain the firm’s guiding principles, as it seeks to build upon its current success and grow even further. Healthcare Property Consultants of the Year - UK HPC is an independent practice providing consultancy, transactional services, research and valuation services to those operating and investing in the UK long-term care sector. We profile the firm to learn more about the range of services it offers and how it works to achieve excellence for every client it supports. E RP170013 Company: HPC - Healthcare Property Consultants Limited Contact: Ian Wilkie and Nigel Newton Taylor Contact Email: [email protected] [email protected] Address: Marlborough House, Westminster Place, York Business Park, York, YO26 6RW, UK Phone: 01904 529110 Web Address: www.healthcarepc.co.uk Twitter: @healthcarepc

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