Build Interior Design Awards 2017

Build 2017 Interior Design Awards 6 ounded in 1961 by Gord Mason, Mason Homes prides itself on being more than just a homebuilder: it builds communities. “Here at Mason Homes we make sure that wherever we build, we create communities that are friendly, homey and have lots of open space nearby to serve as many of the resident’s needs as possible.” The firm is honoured to be recognised in the Interior Design Awards, and believe that their success can be attributed to their corporate philosophy of ‘Superior Quality, Outstanding Value and Impeccable Service’. These are the cornerstones that have guided Mason Homes for over 55 years. While this philosophy is the guide, it takes the hard work and dedication of all employees at the company to make Mason Homes successful; these corporate values and the commitment of their employees are Mason Homes’ greatest assets, and they are highly valued. When Gord started Mason Homes, his commitment was “not to being the biggest, but to being the very best”; to this day, he maintains that “if it is worth doing, then we do it to the best of our ability.” All these years later, he continues to operate the company with the same philosophy, and the firm has now developed into an award-winning production homebuilder and land developer. The firm only builds Energy Star Qualified homes, which are defined as properties that are on average 20% more energy efficient than a home built to the standard building code. These properties present a practical choice for homeowners looking for a new home that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Fundamentally, at Mason Homes, the focus is on providing homeowners with the best built homes and in order to achieve this, the company is a full service builder. Many construction services are provided in-house; from designing the communities they build, creating floor plans and interior designs, to sales and marketing, and management of the building process. This ensures that the elements that make up the company’s developments are rooted in quality and sustainability. As part of its commitment to sustainable development and by adhering to sustainable design principles, the company has created the Mason Advantage; the inclusion of up to $40,000 worth of upgraded features and finishes as standard. These upgrades include better construction materials and processes, superior green features, and elegant details that enhance the look of the homes and the community overall. The Mason Advantage also features building products and practices that demonstrate Mason’s commitment to building Energy Star Qualified homes. Many of these components are vital to achieve the ratings necessary to pass the Energy Star Qualified test. An Energy Star Qualified home delivers an elevated level of construction that minimizes the homeowner’s carbon footprint, resulting in smarter-running homes complete with energy savings. This delivers peace of mind for those who are environmentally conscious and delivers value to every one of the company’s homeowners. One such example of an item that contributes to the Mason Advantage is the Engineered ‘I’ Joist which creates a stronger, quieter floor and eliminates the need for numerous basement support columns, resulting in wide open basement spaces. As Mason Homes builds such air tight homes, many purchasers finish their basements as additional living and sleeping spaces. Homeowners enjoy energy savings, healthier air, warmer/cooler homes and well-designed light filled home designs for years to come. Amongst the upgrades offered in the Mason Advantage, a number of features relating to temperature control are offered. This includes a high efficiency air conditioning system and a 2-stage 95% efficient furnace, a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) which delivers fresh filtered air throughout the home, R-24 Blown-in insulation which minimises heat loss, a copper drain water heat recovery pipe designed to reduce water heating costs by 20-40% and condensing 90% efficient hot water tanks. All of these features combine to create homes that offer the utmost in comfort and modern quality. Alongside these enviable temperature control systems, Mason Homes install low-emitting products whenever possible, so as to reduce the volume of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air, which promotes better air quality. The company ensures that all basement floors are sealed, thus sealing out radon, and include interior lights with CFL or LED Energy Star Best Residential Construction Company - Ontario Mason Homes is one of the most trusted builders in Ontario, having built over 6,000 new homes across this vibrant region over its 56 year history. We invited Founder Gord Mason to tell us more about how the firm has come to achieve such exceptional success in their field. F ID170037 Company: Mason Homes Web Address: Address: 30-6 Pennsylvania Ave, Concord, Ontario L4K 4A5 Telephone: 905-761-2050