Build Interior Design Awards 2017

2017 Interior Design Awards Build 31 stablished in 2003, WFORA has completed a variety of projects types from private residential, commercial, developer, public and the occasional temporary installation. Common to each of these projects has been the firm’s focus on creating the best outcome possible with the resources available. “WFORA is a design build firm interested in making unique, architectural solutions and then building them to the highest construction standards. Our architectural company, Workshop for Architecture, was established in 2003 and started as a small firm providing a range of design services from site planning to interior design. In 2008, Workshop for Construction, was established to complement our design efforts with a full service general contracting team. Today, our two companies employ 9‐10 people ranging from architects to construction experts. Our focus has been to make the process of design and construction a rational one in which knowledge helps execute better building. Our clients range from private individuals to public agencies and typically come to us knowing the benefits of a holistic design build approach. “The architects at WFORA carefully address the critical issues of each phase of design, starting from the very beginning of the project, when the firm establishes a clear and strong narrative that guides all decisions, right down to the details. The basis of that narrative is honest discussions with clients, intense research, lessons from previous projects and a collective imagination. This combination helps to achieve the very highest standards of results for clients. “Our hope is to design and build projects that are not only beautiful and relevant to architecture but which also give us the day to day empirical experience to do even better on future projects. We see our way of delivering projects as the best approach in the long term.” Among the firm’s stunning projects is the award winning McDean Studios, a 4,000 SF commercial development based in New York. The project was a conversion of an office space into a working photography studio for a fashion photographer. The space is located on the second floor of a typical loft building within the Flatiron District of Manhattan. The design attempts to (re) present the original features of the loft while creating a clear layout for all the functional needs of the studio staff. Original features restored through the design include the generous spatial volume of the loft, the original maple flooring, cast iron radiators and the restoration of industrial metal sash windows at the rear and the large wood pivot windows at the street wall. Along the front wall are a new glass enclosed meeting room and library, open work areas and an editing room, whilst along a side wall are other secondary functions like the kitchen, bathroom and a large storage area for equipment and archival materials. These secondary rooms are enclosed behind by a long matte black wall which is interrupted only by a white pin up area. At the center of the studio is a large cyclorama used for shoots. Two heavy black out curtains line both sides and provide a way to control daylight. To allow deeper shooting conditions, two large sliding doors in the black wall are centered on the cyclorama, allowing the photographer to reposition the camera away from the subject. The success of this project highlights the firm’s dedication to creating bespoke spaces tailored to the client’s individual needs. This approach does not fit exactly with the wider market, but John believes that this is a positive, as being individual allows the firm to offer the services its clients need. “Interior design in New York City is a very dynamic market that moves at a fast pace. In order to avoid limiting ourselves we do not necessarily think of ourselves strictly as ‘interior designers’. We like to approach projects more fully, simply as designers. Although the marketplace likes to distinguish interior design as a specific trade, we don’t fit well into that framework. For example, we don’t focus on selecting drapery or furniture fabrics as an isolated skill, but if our project intentions necessitate these needs, we attack it with keen interest and a respect for the craft. Whatever our project requires in terms of knowledge and expertise, we then work diligently to deliver the necessary service.” Overall, John is keen to highlight the firm’s upcoming and current projects and how these will help enhance the firm’s portfolio and enable it to build upon its current success. “Currently we are working on several projects including townhouses and a landmark house in New York City, as well as a fire house for a small town in upstate New York. The residential projects fall in our area of expertise but will also be designed to Passive House standards. We are also in the early feasibility stages of a large multifamily development in the Harlem district of NYC. We intend to build all these projects as we continue to grow our design- build practice as one of the best in the region.” Best Architecture & Construction Company - New York & Best Office Space Conversion: McDean Studios Workshop For Architecture LLP (WFORA) is a New York based architecture and construction firm founded by industry expert John Lee. We invited John to tell us more about the firm and the range of services it offers. E Company: Workshop for Architecture & Workshop for Construction Name: John Lee, AIA LEED AP, Principal & Owner Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 526 West 26th Street, Suite 410, New York, NY 10001 Telephone: 212-674-3400