Build Interior Design Awards 2017

2017 Interior Design Awards Build 17 iekema Hamann Architecture + Engineering is a full service design firm with architecture, interior design, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering in house. This proximity between design disciplines allows for holistic and integrated approaches to creating environments which allow people to heal, learn and work. This philosophy fits well with Valerie’s own personal design philosophy which has its underpinnings back to her interior design degree from Michigan State University’s College of Human Ecology, where the main importance of a human and their relationship with the natural, social and built environment was an integral part of everything they designed and still is, as she emphasizes. “Our design philosophy at Diekema Hamann, not only reflects on how we create the environments but how we relate to colleagues and clients. It is as important that our clients really feel that we are designing for their needs and particular design challenges and not with a cookie cutter or presumed approach.” Working on a hospice residence is not complicated architecture and interior design, but it is imperative to get the environment right, which is why Valerie’s firm worked hard to create a unique and comforting space, as she proudly concludes. “When creating a hospice, the stakes are high as a patient will ultimately and actively die in this home. You are trying to get the environment right so that family and friends feel comfortable being in this place and just hanging out, no matter the age on either side. It is almost as if we are creating an environment for respite and transformation even though it is a place that someone is dying. There is a fine line between these things and it is an honor when we get it right. Through this project, our professions as designers allowed us this act of social accountability, providing care and dignity for all of those involved. The administration and staff at Lakeland Healthcare and Hospice at Home were so thoughtful and caring which allowed the design process to shine through, and we are ultimately very proud of the overall outcome.” Best Interior Design Specialists - Midwest USA & Best USA Healthcare Interior Design Project: Lakeland Healthcare and Hospice at Home Diekema Hamann creates unique projects built on an integrated approach to architecture and engineering. We invited Principal and Senior Interior Designer Valerie L. Wright to talk us through the firm and the range of services it offers. D FM160050 Company: Diekema Hamann Architecture & Engineering Name: Valerie L. Wright Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 612 S. Park Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49007, USA Telephone: (269) 373-1108, ext. 126