Build Infrastructure Awards 2017

Build 2017 Infrastructure Awards 4 llied Wallet offers a wide range of innovative solutions which support businesses around the world, as Andy is keen to emphasise. “Allied Wallet is an entrepreneur’s best friend. We are a global payment processor that allows businesses to accept payments from all over the world. When accepting payments can get complicated whether it be point of sale or online transactions, we make it easier. We even have pay out solutions with our prepaid card. Our clients get safe and secure payment processing at a great rate, and we work hard to maintain and innovate that service. “What truly makes us unique is that we have an all-inclusive solution. We enable merchants to accept more payment methods than anyone else. We offer more products and solutions for our merchants’ businesses than anyone else. We have state of the art security and connectivity to 3rd party features and solutions. With everything we offer, many would expect us to have higher rates – but we don’t. We offer rates starting at less than 1%. We pride ourselves on being the best option and we encourage more businesses to try Allied Wallet. Integrate us as even a secondary solution and see the difference. See what we can offer you.” Security and quality for clients are paramount, as Andy is eager to emphasise as he discusses how his firm works to offer the very highest standard of service to every client. “At Allied Wallet, quality and user experience comes first and we uphold higher standards internally than the industry mandates. We track every project, merchant, and even down to the purchase from start to finish. We have fraud scrubs and screening in place to detect anything that seems irregular. Our projects are handled by our team leaders and our sprints are all tracked and recorded. All leads are tracked from start to finish and we have an infrastructure that is built for scalability. We make sure that all processes are well kept with streamlined functions.” With offices around the world, Allied Wallet is able to support businesses from across the globe, whilst enjoying the benefits of some of the richest Best ePayment Services Provider 2017 & Excellence Award for Secure Payments 2017 Allied Wallet is an international payment services provider that strives to offer the best payment processing solutions in the industry, while always exceeding customer expectations. We invited Tech Billionaire Dr. Andy Khawaja, the Founder and CEO of Allied Wallet, to talk us through the latest developments in the firm and how it working to remain at the forefront of innovation in this dynamic and ever evolving market. A IA170015 Company: Allied Wallet LTD Website: