Build Infrastructure Awards 2017

2017 Infrastructure Awards Build 25 WDE produces 160 million cubic meters which are delivered through a 36.000 kms network to approximately 2,5 million people, with an extremely high sanitarian quality level, with 99,87% of the samples analysed have matched the severe legal standards. Eric explains how the firm works to ensure excellence for its clients and its core mission. “Historically, water production and distribution in Belgium was mostly a local matter. Now the network is old and a lot of investments are needed to bring them up to date. Many municipalities unable to face those investments decided to join the SWDE. “Our core mission comprises of two challenges: keep de water price at a sustainable level (0,50% of the average household) and keep an 100 million investments by year rhythm in the network and infrastructure renewal. “To achieve this, the SWDE initiated 4 years ago its 20’22 strategic plan which ambition is to reach in 2022 a 15% productivity gain. That means Best Public Water Company 2017 - Europe Societe Wallonne Des Eaux (SWDE) is the main drinking water’s producer and distributor in Wallonia. We invited CEO Eric Smit to tell us more. S IA170014 Company: Societe Wallonne Des Eaux Contact: Benoit Moulin – Head of communication Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Société wallonne des eaux, rue de la Concorde 41, 4800 Verviers, Belgium around a 29 million € reduction of or annual running costs, or 20 cents- per- cubic- meter effort. In doing this, SWDE would be one of the most competitive operator in the water sector in Europe.” Looking ahead, achieving this vision will remain the firm’s ongoing objective, as Benoît is keen to emphasise in his concluding comments. “Moving forward, here at SWDE we are strong on our strategic results and we also have a vision: a 260 million € master plan to insure for the next decades the water supply in every part of the Walloon Region in a context of a population’s and an economic growth. From now, this Master plan can tell on a EIB 200 million € credit line. That mark of confidence, coming from that important financial institution demonstrate once again how serious we are.”