Build Heavy Construction Awards 2017

Build 2017 Heavy Construction Awards 20 stablished in 2015, CDL Property was created with a focus to address the shortfalls in quality and community enhancements in the residential property sector. Focusing on small to medium developments in the South of England, CDL Property offers both a land promotion and build-out solution to land-owners, working either as part of a joint-venture or as the principle developer. Alex outlines the range of services the firm provides and how it works to ensure excellence across every project. “At CDL Property, we offer providers and suppliers the opportunity to work on unique and locally relevant development sites, such as the recently approved duplex penthouse and commercial refurb scheme in Cheltenham, which will see a range of heavy lifting machinery used on site. “This project, which we have recently undertaken, is a great example of modern construction. We are working with a vast number of stakeholders and existing occupiers to safely and successfully build out a high end residential development, working at height above existing apartments. Forward planning, and we are also involved in heavy machinery operation with the day-to-day deliveries, contractor activity and over 1,000 commercial tenants has tested our team’s ability to think creatively and work diplomatically with dozens of interest groups. Despite these challenges we are confident of a successful outcome.” Transparency is key to success in today’s construction market, and Alex is keen to highlight his own focus on ensuring that quality prevails in every construction that his firm undertakes. “In the construction market, CDL Property are building a reputation for three key concepts: transparency, end user focus and courage to work differently. The proof is in our execution, and as such we are talking less and doing more currently to demonstrate this philosophy in creating a better property development ethos is here to stay. I would like to hope that the wider property industry takes stock of the all the negative associations, and considers honestly what they could do with sincerity to build better reputations and better buildings. Building Regulations is a minimum standard, not a benchmark to aim for, and that is why my firm always aims to offer the very highest quality constructions at all times. “This quality always starts with the approach a firm takes to working on a project. My personal approach is to focus on efficiency in communication and respect for the challenges of each team member’s role, as well spending time pre-empting hurdles and creating backup options that are drafted for quick implementation. As a company, much of our design and specification stems from knowing our potential users as possible; therefore, working backwards from the end product and how a user experiences a space is key to achieve an outcome which meets the needs of everyone involved.” Overall, despite being a young firm, CDL Property has achieved phenomenal success over recent years. Alex is keen to emphasise that this has only galvanised the firm to work harder and achieve even more over the coming months and years, as it seeks to diversify its service offering and reach a wider client base, whilst still retaining the same exceptional level of product on which the firm has come to pride itself. Demonstrating transparency and capability will be key. “Looking ahead, we will be moving into modular construction in due course, as our land pipeline has opened to include such opportunities, again focusing on a user orientated product that helps build reputation and demand for the construction method. Alongside taking advantage of this exciting development, we will continue to strive to invest more into our Lion Community Programme, creating stronger communities wherever we build. Inviting new residents into a particular area is only genuine when you know the community is ready and willing too.” Best Community Housing Development Company - UK Coeur de Lion Property (CDL Property) is a residential developer based in West London with a mission to enhance communities through project related investment. We invited Director of Land and Development Alex Harrington-Griffin to discuss the firm and how it works to build both reputation and homes. E HC170005 Company: Coeur de Lion Property Contact: Alex Harrington-Griffin Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Building 3, Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Rd, London W4 5YA Phone: 0208 243 8783 Website: