BUILD February 2017

, Redesign Interiors are a Corporate Interior Design and Residential Interior Design company based in South Africa. We caught up with the ‘Top Interior Designers of 2016’s’ founder Paige Waplington to learnmore about this dynamic company and the unique designs it creates. Redesign Interiors: Producing Perfect Places Established in 2011, Redesign Interiors draws on Paige’s experience, which includes a degree in Interior Design, and her passion for stunning, innovative creations. Paige emphasizes how her passion and commitment radiates through to clients as she and her team aim to create designs which are both aesthetically stunning and meet the individual needs of the client. “Here at Redesign Interiors we believe in understanding our client’s unique story and then using our crazy design skills and oozing creativity to tell it, designing an interior that works best for them. We offer a full turnkey service, from design concept through to project management, making sure that your interior is fitted out perfectly with the least interference to their day to day life. “In order to meet their needs and tell their story through our designs we talk to our clients about themselves from the very beginning, and try to draw as much information as we can about them out. Then, throughout the design process we communicate with our clients to ensure they are happy with the outcomes. Alongside the design process we also have great systems in place to ensure a project runs smoothly and amazing suppliers who help us achieve our goals and those of our clients.” The design market is highly competitive, and Paige is confident that her drive, passion and commitment to excellence is what sets her firm apart and draws clients to her firm. “There are so many amazing design companies out there and we just love being a part of the community. What sets us apart is that we love being different and love being given a design challenge. Creating something new for every interior is our aim and it is this that keeps us creative and energised. “Operating in such a dynamic and invigorating market we are surrounded by amazing designers and we enjoy the opportunity to see the new creations our industry peers design and draw inspiration from them. We believe that our designs can only get better when the designers around us are so great, and we hope that our designs inspire others too. We created beautiful, quirky spaces and have really happy clients, I think this is what makes a project successful.” Having operated in the industry for over six years Paige has a strong understanding of the various fashions and changes which the market is constantly enjoying. She discusses the latest trends in the design market and how these will affect firms such as hers. “Currently within the design industry, colour is a huge trend and we could not be more excited as we love working with colour and cannot wait for everyone to love it as much as we do. Other trends to look forward to include person centred, bespoke design which avoids fashions in favour of tailored creations. The trend to be different is going to allow everyone to explore themselves and what they love more, which is going to lead to even more ground breaking and innovative design which we are keen to embrace.” Looking to the future, Paige firmly believes that design is going to become a key focus in the next year, as many clients are aspiring to become more innovative and creative, and when there is a global consciousness like that it pushes everyone is the same direction. “During 2017 we foresee many invigorating new projects as the market continues to grow and expand. Our goal is be involved with a project that pushes all the design boundaries, a project where we can be over the top creative and create a space where visitors are just enthralled, and we believe that 2017 might just be the year to bring this dream project to us. We already have a great hotel project in Rwanda which will be installed in 2017, and we are really looking forward to seeing this design in reality.” K Company: Redesign Interiors Name: Paige Waplington Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Westville, KZN, South Africa Telephone: +27 31 266 5177 / +27 82 7799 215 1701BU07 Architecture & Design: Top Interior Designers of 2016