Facilities Management Awards 2017

2017 Facilities Management Awards 6 UPS, generators, environmental, etc.) is crucial as dependence grows and more data is being stored, thus the need for the devices RLE provides. “Dedicated to flexibility, at RLE we understand the growing dependence upon technology in peoples’ day-to-day lives and the need for simple-to- use monitoring solutions for relatively complex monitoring situations. One excellent example of this is our recently launched wireless environmental monitoring platform. It is a robust monitoring solution that deploys quickly and seamlessly, and substantially lowers the total cost of ownership of a monitoring platform with its flexibility and sensor battery life of more than 10 years.” Looking to the future, Jenny foresees even greater success for RLE, as the firm launches a new product offering and works to drive continued achievement, as she proudly concludes. “With regards to the future of RLE, we are incredibly excited about WiNG, our new wireless platform. With over three years invested in the product development process, we have brought to market a robust, affordable, reliable wireless monitoring solution. Initial sales have been phenomenal, but more remarkable is the number of customers who have purchased systems and then returned to order more, which is testimony to the excellence of this innovative product. Thanks to this and our other developments, RLE is set on growing by several different methods, including market penetration, new product development, and the acquisition of complimentary companies.” F200 web interface visual

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