Engineering Excellence Awards 2017

Build 2017 Engineering Excellence Awards 8 rawing on its wealth of experience in the architecture market, P.LAN STUDIO offers clients a full service and works closely with them to ensure that the outcome meets their individual needs, as Peter highlights. “At P.LAN STUDIO our work is our passion. We are a highly inspired architecture studio focussing on residential projects, such as refurbish- ments, extensions and new builds, across a range of scales and budgets. Our services span from initial concept design studies, through planning to detailed technical design for construction. We also offer project man- agement and site inspection services during the construction phase to ensure that the original vision transpires into a high-quality end result and is delivered on budget. “As part of the design process, we love to explore and test ideas to arrive at the best possible solution which combines practicality with aesthetic quality. We strive to deliver cohesive, innovative, yet timeless designs that respond well and sensitively to the context and exceed our clients’ ex- pectations. Through thoughtful design coordination and well-considered detailing, we make our projects stand the test of time and age gracefully.” Apart from design excellence, it is the firm’s exceptional level of client ser- vice that sets it apart from other architecture firms, which is key in such a competitive market. Peter explores how P.LAN STUDIO works alongside clients to create a project that they will truly adore. “Central to our success is the fact that our ethos lies in open communi- cation, responsiveness, adaptability and always being prepared to go the extra mile. We take pride in our work and we maximise our efforts to deliver exceptional projects. “The excellence of our service can be attributed to our personable yet thorough and diligent approach, which sets us apart from the competition. Engaging and communicating well with all stakeholders enables us to deliver exciting bespoke designs, and allows clients to feel supported throughout the process. “Thanks to this approach, our clients experience a very personable and highly professional service throughout the projects. Our clientele includes homeowners, developers and construction companies. We enjoy working with homeowners, transforming their homes and making their dreams be- come a reality. We have the ability to unlock difficult sites and maximise their development potential for developers and investors. Construction companies invite us to provide technical design expertise during the construction phase to deliver projects originally designed by others. Our value is in providing support and knowledge to prevent errors and assist with a timely delivery within budget.” The past 12 months have been particularly exciting for the firm, as it worked on a number of projects which Peter is eager to discuss. “During 2017, our largest extension and refurbishment project to date reached completion on site. Located in Dulwich Village, Southwark, the project was highly aspirational in delivering a gracefully complementary addition to the existing property. Delivered for artist clients, it was key to ensure that their creativity transpired into the end result and that their vision was technically deliverable and beautiful. Neat detailing and a con- trolled palette of materials resulted in a cohesive feel throughout the prop- erty. The project combined workspace with living space and one of the challenges was to combine flexibility and privacy ensuring the property not only looked impressive but was also very functional. Large expanses of glass required creative technical solutions resulting in elegant and neat architectural details. In Lee Manor, Lewisham, our contemporary refurbishment and extension project secured planning consent despite the associated sensitivities of designing within a conservation area. Scheduled to reach practical com- pletion by the end of the year, it will be one of our flagship schemes. The contemporary additions to the original property were highly commended by the local planning authority and the project has since been used by them as a successful precedent of good design within conservation areas. “Alongside this, our design for a new development of 5 family homes within a former farm in Brentwood, Essex, received planning permission in November 2017. This extremely challenging project, which replaces the existing industrial buildings with new houses within the Metropolitan Green Belt, is a result of a very close dialogue with the local planning authority’s planning officers and design officer. For the project to be a success, it had to demonstrate an exceptionally high level of design quali- ty. Avoiding pastiche, we have delivered a contemporary scheme inspired by the architectural language of the local vernacular.” Looking to the future, Peter foresees invigorating times ahead for P.LAN STUDIO, as the firm seeks to build upon its current success and work with an even wider range of clients and collaborators. “Going forward, we aspire to continue delivering outstanding architecture, expand our network of construction companies and suppliers working with us to facilitate the delivery of our ever-increasing project portfolio. All of these aims will provide us with many exciting opportunities, which we are looking forward to taking advantage of.” P.LAN STUDIO Best Contemporary Architecture Practice - London P.LAN STUDIO is a London based, RIBA Chartered architecture practice specialising in architectural design and associated services from inception to completion. Director Peter Lancaric shares a fascinating insight into the firm and the innovative projects it undertakes. D