Engineering Excellence Awards 2017

Build 2017 Engineering Excellence Awards 6 pecialising in new commercial construction, renovation and remodelling work, Kenco Development boasts a wealth experience covering a variety of different industries. Staff’s experience ranges from restaurants to hospitals, offices to retail. Shane tells us a little bit about the clients that the firm works with. “Working across a broad range of sectors, we must adapt to our various clients’ needs, with our clients consisting of private owners seeking a reliable General Contractor to assist with construction due to business growth.” Possessing a wealth of knowledge, Shane is keen to explain the services that the firm offers and what clients can expect from working with Kenco Development. He talks about teamwork, budgets, and most importantly, how they make it easier for clients. Shane’s comments high- light how important it is to staff that they provide the best service. “When it comes to Engineering, we are a General Contractor and physi- cally construct the proposed design of an architect or engineer. The team work directly with engineers to create new buildings that meet both the owners budget and schedule, as well as providing Design/Build services that consist of Architectural and Engineering services. “As a General Contractor, the team bundle everything together to make it as easy as possible for our clients as they take the next big step toward their company growth. We are a full service General Contractor providing services from engineering to permitting, and full construction to building maintenance.” Touching on the experience of the firm and its staff, Shane states that it is this experience which has laid the foundations for the success of the company, as it looks to cement itself as a leader within the industry. Embracing feedback and ensuring that it is taken on board in order to improve its services is a key aspect of the firm’s success. “Essentially, our previous experience is the foundation of our growth. We continue to satisfy clients in which results in referrals and essentially fur- ther growth. We solely rely our client testimonials and feedback to further meet the needs of future clients.” Taking us behind the scenes, Shane refers to Kenco Development’s latest project, and what it entailed, along with which aspects excited him and his team. Working on this particular project was a particular success- ful and satisfying project to complete, and Shane goes on to explain the process which the firm undertakes when approaching a new project or new client. “Exciting for the firm, our latest project was a ground up, 80,000 SF psychiatric hospital in Devens, MA. This was one of the most difficult project we have faced, due the complexity and particulars of the MA Dept of Public Health. The largest challenge of this project was project schedule. We had a very tight deadline while dealing with custom/spe- cialty items. We are very proud that we finished this project both on time and on budget. “What made it a success is perhaps the way we approach our ventures. The key areas we focus on when approaching a project are design, budget and schedule. It is very important to have a well development Design and construction plan to ensure a successful project. Creating a proposed budget and schedule is also a vital role is project approach, and the timing and economics are a very important role in a successful project.” Kenco Development are young and growing company, expanding in many different areas and it is the hard-working staff which help to set it apart from others. Being dedicated to each individual client is one sign of its success, as well as the personal approach that the firm adopts. With staff committed to a genuine client-to-contractor relationship, Kenco Development are well renowned for taking extra time to ensure that they deliver the best project. Moving forward, utilising its excellent staff and exceptional work rate, there is plenty to look forward to for the firm. Shane outlines the overall mission of the firm and what we can come to expect from Kenco Devel- opment. “Looking ahead, Kenco’s overall mission is to help construct America and the future. We want to assist in helping businesses continue to grow, whilst striving to meet the needs of our clients to assist with their grown and development. “Ultimately, the future of our Firm is to continue to grow. We strive to be a diverse group of individuals, on-top of the industry’s latest construction standards and technology. We are constantly looking for better, more economical ways to build to better help future. Construction and Engi- neering growth is on a rise is the Boston Area. Our intentions are to keep working diligently to continuously satisfy our customers.” Kenco Development, LLC Best Emerging Design / Build Firm & Engineering Excellence Award in Commercial Construction – New England Kenco Development LLC is a Commercial General Contractor and Project Manage- ment Company serving the Greater Boston area. Shane Perrault gives us an overview of the company, explaining the reasons behind its soaring success. S