Construction Awards 2017

BUILD / Construction Awards 17 , Best HVAC Solutions Provider – South East England & BUILD Excellence Award for Portable Air Conditioning Units 2017 Climachill Ltd is family run Air Conditioning Contractor based in Sussex and offers a complete range of air conditioning, heating and ventilation services to commercial end users, domestic clients andmain contractors. We spoke to Paul Goldstein to try and discover more about the company and what services it provides to attract clients. Staff at Climachill pride themselves on providing honest advice to clients and clearly explaining what can and cannot be done in regard to projects; fully explaining how the team will complete the task, as well as aiming to give as much information as the client requests and proving the firm’s competence through its industry qualifications. Paul outlines the firm’s overall mission to us, as well as discussing the firm’s recent projects, highlighting the importance of client relationships to the company. “Fundamentally, our mission is to continually provide the best service that we can and to treat our customers the way that we would like to be treated. One of our most recent projects was installing air conditioning into the offices of Furniture Village’s National Distribution Centre in Milton Keynes. It was a ‘live office’ and our works had to be done out of hours so as to have minimal impact on the work of our client. We are particularly proud to have completed this installation ahead of schedule and to have received positive feedback regarding how clean the job had been and the lack CE170026 of interruption we had caused during the works.” Fundamentally, client relationships are incredibly important to the firm, as they ensure continued satisfaction for everyone who uses Climachill’s services. Paul details how staff maintain these relationships, working closely with the client from start to finish, constantly keeping them updated. This is important as it helps to distinguish Climachill from its competitors within the industry, conducting a personal and professional service. Paul is also keen to point out that the firm keeps up to date with any technological developments within the industry. “When completing a project, we offer a complete service from start to finish and we have our own electricians whom carry out the required electrical work needed to power the A/c systems we install. our immediate competitors don’t do this and so have to rely on third party electricians or ask the customer to organise this aspect themselves creating them hassle and grief. We are up to date with the latest systems being offered on the market and have Contact: Paul Goldstein Contact Email: [email protected] Address: The Oaks, Lordings Road, Billingshurst, Sussex, RH14 9JE Phone: 01273 803820 Website: welcomed the introduction of ‘WiFi Controllers’ to the market allowing customers to control their new A/c Systems from an app on a smartphone or tablet, an offering which keeps us ahead of our customers. “In 2016, we provided our engineers with mobile internet enabled tablets and a bespoke reporting programme, allowing them to submit photos of the works they are doing and problems they encounter in one simple form. All engineer visits and works undertaken by us are now digitally reported and are signed for by our clients. When our engineer leaves the site, the report is submitted and arrives in our office email inbox within a few moments. This means we can immediately see what the engineer has reported and can be quick to order the parts that our clients need. It is also invaluable in helping us to keep accurate records and our clients value having the reports emailed to them for easy filing.” With regard to the future, Paul is hoping to capitalise on Climachill’s recent successes by expanding the team as it adapts to increased levels of work that the firm is undertaking. Ultimately, with an innovative leader and well-trained staff, the firm has a bright future as it continues to grow. “Over the last few years we have grown well, adding new staff to our team in order to meet demand for the increased levels of work we are undertaking. The first apprentice we employed in 2013 has now completed his Level 3 qualifications and is now a fully qualified important member of our team. We have just recruited our second apprentice and continue to build our team at Climachill to benefit our clients.”