BUILD September 2017

26 BUILD / September 2017 , Creating Dynamic Spaces GLOSTER is a specialist in providing fast-trackmechanical and electrical fit-out. The firmwas pleased to win the 2017 Innovators in ProductionWinner: London – UK recently. To celebrate this success, we spoke toManaging Director, Mark Aldridge of the firm since February 2010 to learnmore about the firm’s highly responsive service. GLOSTER works on refurbishment and new-build projects across a range of sectors. Their aim is to create environments that are safe, productive, energy efficient and comfortable to be in, whilst also accommodating their client’s budget. They are dedicated to delivering high-quality, fault-free workmanship every time. They work on the full life-cycle of a project, from inception to snag- free completion, which breeds confidence and repeat business To date, the firm has developed several new processes and technologies to solve a wide variety of challenges presented to them. In various restrictive environments, to meet their clients’ needs, examples of these include: • Residential buildings (old and new build); • Medical laboratories (built underground in a 1950’s building); • Commercial office spaces; • Schools (new and refurbished); • Underground car parks and; • High end domestic listed dwellings. • Refurbished retail spaces. • Various change of use in buildings. Managing Director, Mark Aldridge underlines where the firm’s work takes place and how they do it, as the interview kicks off. “GLOSTER has a strong operational presence in the South-East of England. Our offices are based in London Bridge, so we can provide a highly responsive service for clients. At GLOSTER, we continue to strive to exceed client expectations and this commitment to quality has won us both repeat business and continued success. “The GLOSTER team is highly experienced, so we understand the challenges of delivering fast-track fit-out projects. We use the latest techniques including 3D modelling, prefabrication and modularisation to ensure fault- free processes and high quality workmanship. “The firm believes that forward planning is key to effective implementation, so we work to ensure a project is handled expertly from the outset and everything is methodically planned at a pre-commencemnet stage prior to any boots hitting the ground on site. By combining mechanical and electrical experts on each project, as well as various support teams within the business, we know that our team as a whole can create a harmonised M&E solution. GLOSTER understands the life-cycle of buildings and the pace at which technology and client;s requirements change, so we always plan our work for the long-term, ensuring that it is easy to maintain and operate.” Mark then details the ethos that underpins the firm’s work. “GLOSTER aims to provide unquestionable commitment to client requirements. We provide consistent mechanical and electrical solutions in a user- friendly way, in a value-for-money way. We strive to use innovative solutions and technologies to benefit our clients, customers and consumers. At GLOSTER, we balance our commitment to quality workmanship, without compromising a safe working environment or the client’s budget.. “Our ability to deliver an agreed specification on time, to benchmark standards, in absolute safety has earned us all the relevant industry accreditations and most importantly the loyalty of our customers.” Turning his thoughts towards to fit-out services, Mark then highlights this aspect of the firm’s work to us. “GLOSTER is a fast-track fit-out contractor offering mechanical and electrical services, because we believe that greater efficiencies and better results can be achieved by a team with expertise in both. We work on shell and core, Category A, Category B and Residential mixed use projects, though we never pigeon hole ourselves to a certain sector nor restrict ourselves from taking on any challenge “The high value and rapid turnover of commercial and residential space in today’s property market, means that speed and efficiency are vital for successful fit-outs. GLOSTER uses the latest techniques in prefabrication and modularisation, to provide both high quality workmanship and excellent results. GLOSTER are mindful that the building industry has vastly changed over the last two decades. More specially, the need and or requirement by owners, landlords and tenants to incorporate new technologies and processes to meet current government, local authority and building regulation guidelines on CO2 emissions, sustainability and energy saving targets. Mark then shares his thoughts on these wider industry issues that affect the firm’s work. “We are also aware that existing residential, commercial properties and even some new buildings often present complex challenges in incorporating these new and existing technologies and processes that have been developed by third parties to achieve as well as meet the current energy saving and sustainability guidelines. “We place a lot of focus and resource into developing new processes and technologies, to achieve what our clients need, regardless of the restrictions 1707BU07