BUILD September 2017

14 BUILD / September 2017 , Inspiration in Bringing Intelligent Design to Life Nickl & Partner Architekten AGwas an Architect of the Year recipient earlier this year, as a part of the 2016 BUILD Awards. This interviewwith the firm’s Prof. Hans Nickl details the range of services the firmprovides, fromgeneral planning to architectural services. Nickl & Partner Architekten AG’s business areas are: university clinics and hospitals; buildings for research and training; residential, administration & trade buildings; buildings for social services and nursing care and urban planning. Prof. Hans Nickl begins by giving a flavour of the firm’s work, mission and what sets them apart from their competitors. “Our internationally active office devotes their time to the planning and construction of buildings in the health care, research and social housing sectors, as well as town planning for both the private and public sectors. “Nickl & Partner Architekten AG’s goal is to create modern buildings which positively boost working and living spaces. For us, architecture means understanding and ordering things whilst focusing upon people, indeed the designs of Nickl & Partner are based upon the actions and needs of people who work, live and receive health care there. Their wellbeing in addition to the perfection - functional interplay of flexible spatial designs and exciting materials - is our key concern when performing our work. “We rank among the leading architect’s offices in Germany in the fields of medical facilities, clinics and research institutes. Nickl & Partner Architekten AG’s specialist expertise in the fields of technology and building materials is very extensive, indeed our innovative concepts have proved themselves for more than three decades.” Developing this point concerning innovation, Prof. Hans develops this fascinating point further. “Nickl & Partner Architekten AG’s team sees our workplace less as a pure planning practice, but rather, as a lab – a design lab – holding the spirit of innovation in each project in high regard. Here, we work on future concepts, influenced by impulses from art, culture and nature. Furthermore, the academic work of Prof. Hans Nickl and Prof. Christine Nickl- Weller is an important influence factor. The discussion with the students encourages a critical analysis of their own work.” The team has increased in number to more than 100 architects since the foundation of Nickl & Partner in 1979. Clients from health care, research and urban planning fields have entrusted the firm with the production of plans and construction work in several different countries, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and the People’s Republic of China. When undertaking a new client or project, Prof. Hans Nickl tells us about the approach the firm uses to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients. “The basis for each of all our projects is the permanent and trustful dialog between all stakeholders. We seek to establish a very good culture of exchange between planners, builders, users et cetera – all persons involved in the decision making of a project. “A second basis for success is consistency. Therefore, the designated manager of a project in our firm will track the process from the beginning to the end.” “We are experienced in the field of architectural planning for healthcare buildings since the early 80s. In addition to a very skilled, highly motivated and well-established team of project managers, this stock of experience and knowledge is a solid foundation to build on.” Staying about people, Prof. Hans explains what the essential qualities for any award-winning architect should be. “For Nickl & Partner Architekten AG’s, each project (especially in the field of healthcare and building for the elderly) is a social responsibility. Our aim is not only the client’s satisfaction – but in addition to that we want to create lasting values - in the urban context, for the society, for the environment. “Therefore, the needs of the human being will always be in the centre of all our reflections and decisions in the design of a new building. This is the basis for Nickl & Partner Architekten AG’s philosophy of ‘healing architecture.’ The firm’s overall aims and strategies employed to achieve these come under their three general principles: • Nickl & Partner respect people and resources. • They design architecture for the future and create building culture with added value. • They find inspiration in bringing intelligent design to life. In terms of the firm’s most successful project to date, Prof. Hans stresses that they would rather discuss their most formative project, which was most important for their future process. 1702BU03