BUILD October 2017 (Global GreenTag Pty Ltd)

18 BUILD / October 2017 , Approved, Accredited Scaffolding Specialist The teamat St Helens Plant (SHP) go above and beyond the scope of customer service, making sure their customer is provided with the exact solution they require, efficiently and cost effectively. This year, the company were nominated once again for their commitment to the construction industry, being awarded ScaffoldingManufacturer of the Year 2017. We profiled the company and spoke to Christopher Pilling to discuss the company’s continuous success in the construction industry. SHP is the UK’s leading scaffolding manufacturer spec- ializing in bespoke manufacturing of system scaffolding, scaffolding supplies and related scaffold products. Christopher comments on how it feels to be recognised for their ongoing success. “Here at SHP, we are delighted at being recognised again this year within the Build Awards. As a company, we would not have achieved what we have over the years if it had not been for the continued commitment each one of our team provide. “From office staff to factory and plant staff, to our deliveries and exports divisions, SHP achievements are solely down to the individuals who turn up every day, just as focused as we are on safety of supply and diversity in solutions. It is with great pride I say, everyone at SHP puts passion into each production, taking great pride in the quality produced. “Lastly, we would like to extend our thanks to our suppliers and customers for their continued support over the decades. Also, thank the Build Awards for our recognition and look forward to progressing further in 2017 with many new innovations and fabrications.” As the UK’s only all-encompassing scaffolding manufacturers and scaffold repair company, and refurbishment specialists, SHP have progressively grown from a small company, decades ago, to become the UK’s largest scaffolding manufacturer and repairs specialist, highly accredited and regarded on a local, national and international scale. SHP main fabrications plant and scaffold repair and refurbishment center is based in St Helens, Merseyside. A smaller scaffold refurbishment and fabrications plant is based in Glasgow, alongside scaffold repair and refurbishment facilities also located in Glasgow. Various nationwide depots for efficient dispatch of equipment are located in St Helens, Motherwell, Glasgow and Ireland / ROI. Additionally, SHP also have a strong and close international network of industry leaders as associates with many years of experience working together with main contractors in Scandinavia, China and Dubai, meeting the needs and demands of international projects and customers. Regarding the safety of Scaffolding Supply, the company are fully ISO 9001:2015 accredited manufacturers, alongside being active members of NASC and the Scaffolding Association. Safety of supply is the core, main focus of all products and services manufactured, supplied and provided by St Helens Plant. Many within the scaffolding and access industry are aware of the stand St Helens Plant take on safety of supply, as it has been publicly highlighting various issues dealt with regularly on the front line, over recent years. These issues range from unsafe stillage systems to large quantities of unfit for purpose scaffolding in use and in circulation within the UK. Construction of any type is never one size fits all, and SHP continues to achieve recognition for their fabrications through innovation and dedication, always looking to provide an exact solution. The company has fabricated a diverse range of bespoke stillage systems, sought after by scaffolding, construction, warehouse, aviation and armed forces industries. The diversity in the solutions provided by SHP ranges from updated modifications to bespoke fabrication of any type of non- mechanical scaffolding, access equipment and accessories. Crucially, SHP are fully equipped with a local, national and international deliveries and exports division. This helps them with the ability to efficiently handle the entire process, from dispatch to delivery, whatever the client’s location. The company is able to offer local and national delivery in as little as 24hrs, depending on the location. The International exports factor is a seamless, cost effective process, handled entirely by the SHP team, making sure the clients’ equipment arrives on site, on time. Possessing a global network of associates and partners, SHP are a UK company with an international portfolio of solution focussed access systems and scaffolding supplies. Working hand-in-hand with many global leaders within the construction industry, the team provide onsite assessment, support, installation of solutions and advice within some of the most environmentally challenged environments there is, including; Scandinavia, Dubai, Australia and China. Overall, SHP provide the best of British engineering, fabrication and customer service, for local, national and international customers. Customer relationships and continued growth are built on trust, innovation and achievement. These are all key aspects of what makes St Helens Plant the success it is today. CE170U17