BUILD June 2017

92 BUILD / June 2017 , No Compromise on Your Dreams Marmui Architecture, included in the Architecture Top 50, is a creative, award winning design-led studio for when you are not willing to compromise on your dreams. We invited creative directorMarkMuir to tell us more about the firm’s work, which he perceives as an honest response to contemporary lifestyle, with a healthy desire tomaximise natural light and wellbeing. Marmui Architecture sees their work as formed by context in which we enjoy celebrating the everyday – that is making connections between inside and outside spaces, create timeless places that celebrate views, changing weather or people going about their daily business. Creative director Mark Muir begins the interview by underlining the effect of their clients’ aspirations on the business, lessons learnt and how it feels to be a part of the Architecture Top 50 “However, as our clients’ aspirations have expanded we have developed our own ideas, tools, and working methods to encompass pressing social issues and the complex challenges of a global culture. Our approach to working with clients has become more agile. Its scope has broadened enormously, moving from a ‘traditional’ and circumscribed intervention to a more ‘strategic’ and omnipresent one. “Lessons from each sector now inform others and pushing the envelope back, by directly engaging specialist disciplines such as product, spatial designers and makers, help us re-think and question our intent in the places we create, and elements we make, through visionary design. “It is a privilege to be recognised as part of the Architecture Top 50. It reflects the hard work the Marmui team put in and the commitment to our clients and their vision.” When undertaking a new client or project, Marmui Architecture’s approach is fundamentally about communication and understanding. Mark explains this vital point in more detail, plus what sets the firm apart in the creative work they do, including their architectural aims. “Ultimately, we put the clients’ needs first and try to accommodate those needs wherever possible. Clear communication and honesty is key to a good relationship and we prioritise that from the very beginning. We have spent a lot of time understand the best way to help our clients’ and provide them with the highest level of service. It is through this that we have designed our Inspiration Day, a simple and unique seven step process to creating your dream home. This is an opportunity to spend one day with an architect designing a home that is truly your own. “What sets us apart? I believe that our transdisciplinary approach offers an interaction opportunity for both ourselves and our clients to develop bespoke environments and find that exclusive life experience. No one project is the same, so while we don’t offer one style that fits all, we truly understand our clients’ needs and provide them with a realistic solution to their design vision. We are very environmentally focused, offering sustainable options throughout, without compromising style or aesthetic. “Our overall aims architecturally are always to strive to employ new and relevant process and techniques, technology moves fast and there are always new ways of doing things. Having said that, tradition is not something to ignore, some things not need changing, but it’s about knowing what works and what doesn’t! Our clients’ needs are our driving force and that’s what allows us to grow and develop.” Additionally, Marmui Architecture strive to implement green and environmentally sound design solutions. Green technology is certainly at the forefront of our industry and it is not something that can be ignored Mark tells us, before sharing more thoughts about this. “We work closely with some of the UK and international leading suppliers at the cutting edge of technology and pride ourselves on this. Every product and supply chain member used by us is thoroughly researched and sampled before inclusion in our central Building Information Modelling library. “Working across three sectors has taught us that that success in each one engenders a common value; good memories. We, therefore, value working closely with each client and developing a relationship of trust where good memories can be added to the built form, ultimately providing not just a house but a home (living), a home from home (learning) or a unique and joyful experience to take home (leisure). “Each project is equally important to us because they all have their own success and identity. Whether it is a house renovation, or a large-scale hotel resort. The happiness of the respective client is of utmost importance to us, regardless of scale or budget.” Bringing the interview to a close, Mark highlights that the next 12 months will be positive for the architecture industry. “We understand people’s desire for exclusivity and their investment into lifestyle and wellbeing and as a company we put a lot of importance on exactly this. People want to get the best out of their home life, they truly value their personal time and space, but often don’t know how to put that into practise and 1703BU14