BUILD June 2017

86 BUILD / June 2017 , for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment’. Engineers are City & Guilds level 3 qualified. Benefits include: • Prompt & efficient service; • Minimum disruption and; • Detailed records for compliance. Air Leakage Rating, Internal Structures: R P Compliance Testing Ltd provides pressure testing for air leakage rating on a range of internal structures including pressure testing raised floor systems. Where access/plenum floors voids are designed to be conditioned spaces or with acoustic properties, they should have a high level of airtightness to ensure leakage does not occur into cavities, risers, stairwells and other adjacent zones or into occupied spaces. Floor systems are designed to ensure that air supply is only discharged through diffuses or grilles and not between tiles. This is necessary so that the air is only supplied to where it is needed and maintains energy efficiency. A poorly sealed floor system could create serious inefficiencies in terms of costs and energy use, or sound insulation performance. BSRIA guidance ‘Floor Void Airtightness’ recommends upper limits of airtightness be included within design specifications, and that floor systems are measured on site to demonstrate compliance. They provide testing on: • Ventilation/air conditioning ducting; • Platform floors (access/ plenum); • Plenum ceilings designed to extract smoke; • Smoke/Fire shafts, escape routes; • Room integrity for clean room, fire resistant, etc.; Included in the service is: • Testing at any time of day 24/7 to minimise disruption on site; • Trained and qualified engineers; • A wide range of testing equipment to handle all floor & void types/sizes; • A personal service, working with clients to attain the desired results; • Leak identification using high powered, oil based smoke machines; • K41 specification testing for air tightness of raised access flooring and under floor void leakage and; • Prompt turnaround of tests certificates/reports. Energy Efficiency in the Home: With energy costs constantly rising and everyone feeling the pinch, making the best use of our money is more and more essential. As much of our money is spent on our homes, consider the following questions: • Does your home use lots of energy? • Is it draughty and cold during the winter months? • Do you find yourself turning the heating up just to keep warm? • Are you finding it a struggle to pay your energy bills? Using specially designed equipment, the firm can identify any weaknesses in your home, that cause you unnecessary waste of energy and money. For a comparatively small investment, R P Compliance provide a full report giving guidance as to how your home can be improved based on the results of building leakage and thermal survey tests that they will carry out. The firm can also arrange for remedial work to take place, which they will then follow- up with a free check to gauge the improvements, which can be measured. If you treasure your home and don’t want to waste any more money or energy, (which will also help your local environment), then please give R P Compliance Testing Ltd a call now to arrange an appointment on 01485 580 0108.