BUILD June 2017

60 BUILD / June 2017 , The Go-to Firm for Building Standards Wilkinson Construction Consultants are multi award winning approved inspectors, providing building control services across London & South East England. They also offer associated services such as fire risk assessments and CPD training. Following their success in achieving the Construction Excellence – UK accolade, as part of the 2016 BUILD Awards, we took the opportunity to profile the firm’s vital work. Wilkinson Construction Consultants are proud to be part of the Theo Paphitis SBS Network, support from which Managing Director of Wilkinson Construction Consultants, Geoff Wilkinson is delighted to have. He said, “it is great to have support from Theo - because the business is a niche and most people still don’t realise that they can use the firm’s services - as an alternative to a local council for building control approvals. Geoff goes on to develop this point in his own words. “People often think we are just a subcontractor to a council and don’t realise we are a complete alternative, indeed we are licensed to issue the approvals, making us the actual decision makers. By using our services, you still get the same plan and site checking offered by the local authority, but without the bureaucracy associated with the public sector. “We also find that people mistakenly think that because they don’t need planning permission, they don’t need building regulations approval either, so they end up with problems when they come to sell. Even minor building work, such as removing a chimney, installing a toilet under the stairs, or putting up or taking down walls in their homes or workplaces can need approval. It’s fantastic that Theo has recognised our hard work and helped spread the word about what we do. Together, I believe that we are the go-to firm for building standards in the UK.” As a firm, Wilkinson Construction Consultants offer these services on all types and sizes of project through London & South East England. • Domestic extensions; • Offices; • New housing; • Shops & retail; • Barn conversions and; • Public buildings. Building regulations in England and Wales are set by the UK’s Department for Communities and Local Government. These are standards concern the design and construction of buildings, to ensure the safety and health of the people who use them. The standards also include requirements to ensure energy efficiency and accessibility in buildings. Geoff then shares thoughts on this much-needed aspect of the firm’s work. “Traditionally, only inspectors from the local authority were authorised to undertake building control. Having said that, the Building Act of 1984 opened up the market, allowing qualified companies in the private sector to fulfil this role in both England and Wales. We at Wilkinson Construction Consultants, are one of these companies known as approved inspectors and we are licensed by the Construction Industry Council (CIC), licence number 153. “Once appointed, we will work with you help you ensure that the building work complies with building regulations throughout the process. The procedure requires that you and the approved inspector jointly to notify your local authority of your intended building work on what is called an ‘initial notice’. Once this notice has been accepted by the local authority, the responsibility for plan checking and site inspection will be formally placed on the approved inspector.” Finally, the firm will then take the following steps when working with you: • Advise you on how the building regulations apply to your work; • Check your plans; • Issue a plans certificate (if requested); • Inspect the work as it progresses and; • Issue a final certificate. 1701BU21