BUILD June 2017

44 BUILD / June 2017 , Management team At HTS Interiors, they are proud of their great team which makes unique and charming designs possible. All their contractors, engineers and workmen are chosen carefully and are a part of the HTS family Nitin explains, before telling us more about her team of seasoned experts. “HTS Interiors team has experts from all around the globe – they enjoy and study the aspects of all the architecture styles of from the different cultures around the world. All their past work and their talents in various aspects of the interior design space planning interior fit-out & refurbishment “Our team has a vast experience in commercial and residential sectors in the field of interior design & fit-out solutions. They successfully have supervised numerous projects including many multi-stories, apartments, commercials malls, restaurants, offices and retail outlets on several occasions. “The engineers of HTS Interiors pursue architecture as their subject of study. Their role in the company is to raise benchmarks of each project to a new high for company by bringing our innovative and pioneering solutions for all types of offices and homes. They are also very rigid in the international standard with in their work in our company. Our engineers are always professional and teaches on sustainable design.” The marketing aspects of the HTS Interiors are taken care of by the industry experts. The firm certainly emphasises good communication with clients. The firm’s marketing department is always open for any inquiries and the team handles many other online and offline marketing matters. Nitin then shares further insights into the work of her team and the wealth of their experience in the field. “Our team also has a chartered accountant to take care of the finances of HTS Interiors. The chartered accountant teams ensure that equal value of the client’s money is paid back in terms of excellent and high quality jobs. “The team boasts of a wealth of experience in construction and design and they back each other in all projects. The team is super comfortable with whatever project you name – ultra modern showrooms, classic interiors and super fashionable resorts.” Sustainability Finally, it is worth mentioning that HTS Interiors is an ardent follower of sustainable interior designing practices. Nitin concludes the interview by sharing her insights into eco- friendly interior design, including the promotion of good quality air and light, plus the importance of creating the highest safety standards. “Most of the time you spend indoors, you are surrounded by some form of interior design. These beautiful interiors have a great influence not just on you, but also on the environment around you. We know and understand the need for eco- friendly designs. Our products and accessories eco-friendly especially because they get discarded more often than the wall or floor coverings and furniture. Recycling old furniture made of natural materials is also a good budget-saving idea. “We promote good quality air and light wherever we design – we bring the natural elements in and blend them in your sophisticated interiors. You will be bestowed with the gift of nature in your Office and Home. “We use formaldehyde free paints and wall finishes ensuring you a good health. We take care to reduce the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in our renovating and building processes. We also follow the highest safety standards in our creative space planning, giving you the best healthy environment.”