BUILD June 2017

22 BUILD / June 2017 , Interior Motives RosaMay Sampaio tells us more about her namesake interior design company and her thoughts on the industry as a whole. Rosa May Sampaio is founder, owner and director of her interior architecture and decoration firm, also called Rosa May Sampaio. Although the main focus is on interior design, the company has also produced architectural projects, as well as set design for theatre and film. With its main office in Sao Paulo and a total of nine people working there, including two architects, Rosa May Sampaio also works across Uruguay, Argentina and Rio de Janeiro with outsourced collaborators. “I think many times interior design is relegated as something less important,” states Rosa, sharing with us her thoughts on the industry, from residential fit- outs to commercial showrooms. “Architects many times prioritize the outside but the interior is where one will spend most of its time. That is true to every kind of space and that is why we focus on creating spaces that are both harmonious and cozy. One must feel good in their environment, whatever that is.” Rosa has made her mark on the design world and is recognized throughout the region for her style and flair. She tells us more about what she believes makes a great designer and what sets her aside from the competition. “Designing has much to do with living life as we create the spaces where relationships flourish, professional and personal conquests are made. For that reason I believe curiosity, interest in life and availability are fundamental qualities any professional in this field must have. “I believe essentially clients come after my taste. It sounds pretentious but it is what I hear from them, and I have had clients for whom I have designed more than three different homes in a span of more than 20 years. They listen carefully to my opinion in all practical and aesthetical matters. They say that when they go into a space that I have designed they feel like they never want to leave it!” With clients in mind, what steps and processes does Rosa undertake when taking on a new client to ensure the best possible outcome every time? “My first approach is to listen to them first and try to find a common language, in order to understand their needs, their desires and their tastes. What kind of lifestyle do they have? What habits? All this information is fundamental to start with. Later I try to see what their tastes are as far as art, lighting, materials, etc. “My aim is to please my clients and for that I need a lot of patience to understand their needs and tastes and try to give them the best possible interior design using my own experience and tastes.” Rosa’s most defining project to date was an old farm in Argentina: “I had to bring light, telephone, heating and plumbing from the nearest village about 20 km away, without destroying the beautiful park!” she enthuses. “In nine months we fully renovated the house, which has more than 2,000 square meters of constructed area.” Recently, Rosa was awarded the prestigious title of Innovator in Design for her work, something of which she is incredibly proud to receive. She says: “It is a great honour and I am very proud. An international recognition of this calibre is very important for me and my team.” Rosa has grand aspirations for the future and shares with us a few of her current projects. “Right now we are doing the architecture as well as the interior design of a 1000 square meter house in the countryside of São Paulo. It is a very ambitious project and we don’t usually do both the architecture and the interior design, so this has been a challenging and fun new project. “In the near future, I would like to design a hotel and incorporate landscaping to our services.” 1703BU22 “Designing has much to do with living life as we create the spaces where relationships flourish, professional and personal conquests are made.”