BUILD June 2017

BUILD / June 2017 139 , By way of background to Duggins Smith Companies, it is worthmentioning that the United Companies originated in 1970 with United Realty. Since its genesis, United Realty has spun off several companies encompassing all areas of real estate and development. Selected as ‘Ones to Watch, we invitedWade Duggins to tell us more about the company and his own background. A Company of Its Word Since 1986, United Developers/Duggins Smith Builders has been constructing and developing quality multi-family, single family and commercial developments. United has been nationally recognised as one of the most respected builder/developers in the south-eastern United States. United Developers has a 30+year track record in the development and construction of quality housing. Since its inception, United Developers has developed, constructed, and rehabilitated over 3000 units of affordable housing and 750 units of market-rate housing, including both rental and for-sale units. Of the 3000+ units of affordable housing, 940 units have been constructed and rehabilitated in the city of Fayetteville and Cumberland County, of which 748 of these units were done in partnership with the City of Fayetteville and Cumberland County. Through these partnerships and the cooperation of key city and county officials such as Marshall Pitts, Roger Stancil, Victor Sharpe, Ben Brown, Michael McNair, Dale Iman, Tony Chavonne, Kenneth Edge, Breeden Blackwell, James Martin, Juanita Pilgrim and Thanena Wilson. United Developers has built a reputation of integrity and quality in affordable housing not only in Fayetteville and Cumberland County but across North and South Carolina. United has earned this reputation by being a company of its word. We have proposed and delivered a quality product - both on time and on budget - to the accolades of the city and county and have added to the quality stock of affordable housing and enhanced the quality of life for its recipients. United has been successful in managing multiple projects simultaneously through its integrated construction software, which includes take off, scheduling, and accounting, not to mention its seasoned, knowledgeable and loyal staff. Our current projects include: Coldwater Ridge • 60 units; • 5 buildings and • Clubhouse, Cleveland Green III • (3)- three story 24 unit bldgs.; • (1)-2 storey 8-unit building and; • Clubhouse. Millstone Landing • 88 units; • (3) 8 unit (B) buildings; • (4) 16 unit (C) buildings and; • Clubhouse. Reidsville Ridge • 72 units • (6)- Two story 8 unit (A) buildings; • (3)- Two story 8 unit (B) buildings and; • Clubhouse. Club Pond Green II • (1)- Two story (8) unit building; • (1)- Two story (16) unit building and; • Clubhouse addition. In terms of my own career background, I started my career with United Developers in 2001. During my time with United Developers, I supervised the construction of over 1800 units, consisting of 30 different apartment complexes. I currently hold the title of Vice President of Operations for United Developers, United Management and Duggins Smith Builders. I am an Unlimited North Carolina General Contractor. Company: Duggins Smith Companies Name: Wade Duggins Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 2939 Breezewood Avenue Suite 201, Fayetteville, NC 28303 Telephone: +1 910 485 6600 1702BU21