BUILD June 2017

126 BUILD / June 2017 , Sustainability at the Heart PAUAT Architekten is aWels and Vienna based group of architects, designers, builders operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, interior and product design, research, landscape design and urban development. Following their success in achieving the Sustainable Building Firmof the Year 2016 award, we invited the firm’s founder and creative CEO architect Heinz Plöderl to tell us more. One project PAUAT Architekten has been involved with, is the ÖAMTC base in Gmunden. Described as friendly, customer-friendly and barrier-free, Josef Thurnhofer, Regional Director of ÖAMTC Oberösterreich comments: The new base will combine functionality, an open customer area and modern design in one building.” The new base will combine functionality, an open customer area and modern design in one building. The new building is equipped with eight state-of- the-art test facilities. Six lifting platforms enable ergonomic operation. In addition to the office and social rooms, the new building also offers its own seminar rooms for training and further education. On a more general note, in terms of construction projects and project permits, PAUAT Architekten develops solutions tailored to the principals the firm stands by, in the context of resources and life cycle. Founder and creative CEO architect Heinz Plöderl, tell us how the firm is innovative where construction is concerned, offers his thoughts on sustainable development issues and the explains popularity of his work in the wider industry. “Innovation in connecting climate engineering and building constructions in our projects brought PAUAT Architekten to a position of leadership where sustainable architecture and urban design are concerned in Austria. Due to the influence of global economic flows, as well as the ending of global resources for building design and projects, I believe that the development of contemporary life today requires new ways of urban and architectural organisation. “We believe that interesting building designs are famous for incorporating sustainable development ideas into their heart, as well as my own sociological energy efficient concepts. Additionally, I am often invited to conferences and symposia to discuss my work, as well as lectures at universities to give an overview of PAUAT Architekten sustainability principles, focussing on the process of a new social responsibility in the post- petroleum-age architecture of future urban life.” In conclusion, PAUAT Architekten buildings are responding to local environment and climate in way that makes it habitable for human life. Sustainable development and renewable energy are very important to Heinz Plöderl, plus the firm’s own office is famous for its energy efficient architecture over all phases of life cycle and timeless design, as well as promoting integrated urban development and city planning principles. 1702BU44