BUILD June 2017

BUILD / June 2017 109 Company: Caprioli Painting Name: Lorrianne Caprioli Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 20 Beech St Extension Newmarket, New Hampshire 3857 USA Telephone: +1 603 659 2788 Don’t Gloss over the Details g “I am worried about the future of painting, without people to do the work it may become a dinosaur. We need to find a way to get the current high school age kids interested in the trade again. If home sales keep up the way they are going, I think you will see a lot of remodelling for resale, indeed we are already feeling that. “As far as commercial work is concerned, there is a lot of military work out there to bid for right now. There construction industry is booming, so there is an opportunity there. If history repeats itself however, we may see a drop in revenues over the next few years in this industry. Right now, there is more work available than there is people to do it.” “Currently, we are enjoying our size and project load. We have a great crew and the firm’s clear goal is to keep them working and growing them to the next level, so that one day they can take over.”