BUILD June 2017

106 BUILD / June 2017 , Making Clients Dreams a Reality Rhino Design Build, LLC is a ‘one stop shop’ for adding liveable square footage to your home. We interviewed President, E. Daniel Garcia about the company’s work to deliver the most cost effective building solutions possible for homeowners that need to addmore space to their home. The company is a proud recipient of the 2017 US Small Business Awards - Best Construction Business in Texas category. Rhino Design Build is a full-service general contractor on a mission – ‘to bring customer service and satisfaction to an industry in dire need.’ They offer modern building technology and deliver the most cost effective building solutions and are a single point of contact for homeowners that need to add more space to their home. President, E. Daniel Garcia reveals more about the company and what they can do for your home, which could be the addition of a small guest house or mother-in-law suite. “We are a specialty construction company, which means we can’t help everyone. The project budget, scope of work and timeline will be considered before we enter a contract with our clients. It is not uncommon for us to have a waiting list due to our service, quality and reputation. The sooner we can get your construction budget and timeline in place, the sooner we can get you on the Rhino schedule. “Adding a room addition not only increases the overall square footage of your home, but can also increase the value of your home. If you don’t plan to move any time soon, the additional square footage allows you to configure your house to fit your changing lifestyle. You’re already comfortable with the living space, know the neighbours/ schools, and know your way around town, so a room addition could be a viable option. There are many options to add living space to your home. “An increasing trend is building a small guest house or mother-in- law suite to your existing home. Many families are forced to move in with one another for a variety of reasons and an attached living quarters or detached living space has been a popular solution to many of our clients in San Antonio. Room additions give you the option to still be under one roof, but live in separate areas of the home and maintain a degree of privacy. Aging parents have opted to move in with their children instead of going to a nursing home. A detached father-in-law suite is an innovative solution to keep your family close, but still maintain their independence and privacy.” In terms of how long has the company been established for in this industry, E. Daniel reveals more, before adding his thoughts on the changes he has seen over the years and how they approach a new client or project. “This is our 13th year in business. We started out as custom home builder and when the stock market crashed in 2008, we almost went under due to a year and a half business drought. Then we started getting calls for clients that need to add square footage to their homes because families were having to move in with one another due to job loss or home foreclosure. Now, pretty much all we do are room additions and mother in law suites. The new trend is building a mother in law suite to your home, instead of sending mum and dad to a retirement community. “When undertaking a new client or project, I believe that listening to the needs and wants of the client are extremely important to the design process. Before we begin any project, I take my entire team of subcontractors to the job. The clients can meet the team and ask questions pertaining to the project. The team is also able to see in person what we will be building they can ask questions as well to avoid surprises. I am also employ a project manager, Joseph Langdon, that is at every project daily to make sure our projects run as smooth as possible. He plays a vital role in the daily operations.” E. Daniel goes on to detail what sets the company apart from other companies in the industry, what marks them out as the best option for clients and how they are ultimately helping families achieve their ‘dream home’. “I offer personal attention my clients that larger companies can’t offer. I am the first person my clients meet and I involved every step of the way through the design process to the construction. Our vision is that we are more than just a construction company. We are a dedicated team of people having a positive effect on our community. We envision a world where we set the standard and pace for construction related services through leadership, ethical business practices, and philanthropic endeavours.” “Our goal is to help families achieve having their ‘dream home’ without having to move. Many of our clients love the area they live in and enjoy the neighbours and the memories they have created while living at their home. Moving means having to say goodbye to those memories. By renovating or adding square footage to the existing home, they can keep those memories and still get the home they have always wanted.” “All our projects are special because we get to help families improve their everyday home environment. We learn from every project we build. Most of our clients send of referrals and that is ultimate pat on the back.” E. Daniel then underlines the importance of creating innovative 1705BU02