BUILD July 2017

24 BUILD / July 2017 , For aquatic centre enclosures, OpenAire employs special extruded aluminium profiles made of structural alloy 6061 T6. The benefits of our thermally broken, all-aluminium framing include: Zero maintenance: Unlike steel framing, our maintenance-free, thermally broken aluminium framing system withstands moist, chemical aquatic atmospheres and never needs to be repainted. Energy efficiency: OpenAire special extruded thermally broken aluminium profiles reduce heat transfer through the structure. Thermal breaks and vapour barriers also control condensation. Lower life cycle costs: With a maintenance-free aluminium truss structure and a decreased dependence on artificial lighting, dehumidification and air conditioning, OpenAire structures cost less to operate and maintain, offering tremendous long-term value. Lightweight: Aluminium is much lighter in weight versus steel, which reduces the overall loads on your structure. Aesthetic appeal: Extruded aluminium profiles have a superior aesthetic appearance that avoids the bulky look of steel. Custom aluminium extrusions also maintain their original appearance from the time of installation throughout the structure’s lifespan, in comparison to steel’s susceptibility to rust and corrosion over time. To complement our thermally broken, all-aluminium framing system, OpenAire offers a range of options for materials best suited to your waterpark’s features and requirements. Possible materials include: Glass: OpenAire enclosures can accommodate a range of glass thicknesses and characteristics according to your design. From basic tinted, to louvered glass, to electrically charged, to stained glass, OpenAire has a glass system for any application. Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable and guaranteed to retain clarity and resist yellowing. They are more impact resistant than acrylic and glass materials. They also withstand extreme temperature extremes and are ultraviolet (UV) stabilised. Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE): ETFE is a lightweight material that can be incorporated into a retractable roof. Photovoltaic: Photovoltaic allows for the entry of natural light, while providing both thermal and sound insulation. Photovoltaic also converts solar radiation into direct current electricity, producing clean, free energy through solar power. Maintenance-free aluminium truss structure and a decreased dependence on artificial lighting, dehumidification and air conditioning, OpenAire structures cost less to operate and maintain, offering tremendous long-term value. Entertainment Whether you’re covering your restaurant patio with a retractable roof or adding a massive skylight to bring ambiance to a shopping mall, OpenAire can provide the entertainment retractable roof or skylight solution you need. From design through engineering, manufacturing and installation, OpenAire will work with you to create a unique and light-filled space that your visitors will love. OpenAire advantages include: Natural light and illumination: Our structures allow exceptional natural light to filter into your space. OpenAire roof glazing and sidewall options include glass and polycarbonate. ETFE can also be incorporated into your design. An OpenAire roof creates a wonderfully bright and spacious environment. Weather that’s perfect all year round: OpenAire retractable roof enclosures and operable skylights will bring your building to life. Opening up to the sun and fresh air, they draw in the warmth of a beautiful day while closing to inclement weather, offering users year-round enjoyment. With OpenAire, the creation of unique and appealing spaces will draw patrons despite what the weather brings. Maximising space and revenue: OpenAire’s designs help to increase space by enclosing rooftop patios or additional existing spaces. This maximises occupant capacity and gives operators the ability to accommodate more guests and boost their revenue. Maintenance-free: Unlike steel framing, OpenAire’s maintenance-free, thermally- broken aluminium framing system stands up to moist, chemical atmospheres in any climactic region. Energy efficiency through natural ventilation: With the roof, open, heat rises and escapes. Mechanical air conditioning and dehumidification are not required. When the roof is closed, thermal breaks and vapor barriers control condensation and air filtration. The solar gain offsets much of winter heating requirements, all of which adds up to energy savings of up to 27% over traditional construction. Lower lifecycle costs: With a maintenance-free aluminium truss structure and decreased dependence on artificial lighting, dehumidification and air conditioning, OpenAire structures are cost-efficient to operate and maintain, resulting in tremendous long-term value. Complete solution for beautiful venues: OpenAire will design custom solutions to meet the needs of your facility’s aesthetic, site and audience. Whether you’re looking for modern lines or rustic charm, OpenAire will create a stunning venue from design to construction. So, contact us today to find out how you can bring sky into your design. OpenAire testimonials “OpenAire gave excellent support throughout the design and construction process. Communications and drawings were well handled and the OpenAire installation crew was efficient and on time…the OpenAire retractable roof system really does deliver a ‘breath of fresh air’.” Sheldon Aaron, President, Best Western Lamplighter Inn, London, Canada “We opened the Hockessin Athletic Club on June 10th 2007. Our members and especially their children rave about the outstanding environment that has been created. I also like the fact that I don’t need lights during the day, and I won’t have to condition the OpenAire space until October or November which is a huge savings over a traditional indoor pool facility. We love our OpenAire!” Bob Carpenter, President, Hockessin Athletic Club, Hockessin, DE “Our membership has tripled. The community loves the whole thing. They can’t believe we have this here in Milford. The OpenAire structure gave us what we were looking for.” Judy Jameson, Executive Director, Milford Orange YMCA “Prior to covering the pool, we had very little winter usage, and only limited evening usage. We now have a full pool…our aquatic income has increased over 40% since adding the cover…OpenAire has made a big difference to our YMCA and to the people in our community.” Dick Webster, Executive Director, Mission Valley YMCA