BUILD April 2017 - Architecture Top 50

6 BUILD - Architecture Top 50 / April 2017 , SAARANHA&VASCONCELOS (SA&V) is an innovative architecture and interior design studio based in Portugal. We invited profile the firmand explore the secrets behind its success. Innovative Interiors Established in 1985, SA&V has become synonymous with creativity, exclusivity, sophistication, contemporaneity and a strong connection to art. Since inception the firm has always focused on the goal of overcoming and personalizing the dream of those who seek it is a decisive factor to put it on the threshold where it is today. The extreme attention to details make it an exemplary and easily identifiable brand. With projects developed for different companies and institutions, the studio works mainly for the residential area. It has created unique and exclusive ambiances for clients with different ages and lifestyles, which makes its portfolio extremely eclectic and rich. During the course of developing projects in residential areas, whether urban or rural, private or public, challenges arose in the “mobile environments” with interior design projects for two private yachts: the Maiora39 meters and the Baglietto43 meters. The brand was created over 30 years ago by founding partners Carmo Aranha and Rosário Tello, who were responsible for the creation and development of the SA&V brand. At this time Portugal, and Lisbon in particular, sought to keep pace with other countries in Europe. In terms of design, architecture and interior design or even decoration, still little was created in the country. The new things and trends came almost always from outside: London, Paris and New York were the references at the time. Carmo Aranha and Rosário Tello wanted to change this, and worked hard to achieve this ambitious goal, travelling the world to gain inspiration and skills. As a result of their trips and their will and determination to create objects that made a difference, the studio has developed into a local leader, which began with the design of product lines, seasonal collections directed to the house and lifestyle in the most diverse materials: acrylic, wood. The firm’s growing success in this area there were then requests for the creation of ambiances in the residential area. Project after project, the studio was gaining experience in the areas of Architecture and Interior Design and the admiration for the work done, ended up generating invitations also in the business and commercial areas. Today, the exclusivity of the SA&V brand is the result of the inspiration of the partners, their travels around the world, the discovery of cultures, spaces and artists, highlighting and combining details, creating a unique essence in each project. The desire to create objects and products from the 80’s and 90’s, which the partners gained from their international trips, remains to this day. Alongside the development of design of special pieces of furniture for their projects, the studio decided in 2011 to create complementary products to enrich their ambiances. It was thus with the launch in 2012 of the line of scented candles, Quase Branco / Off White and Novo Preto / New Black, in 2013 with the music CD Exciting Lisbon, in July 2015 with the instructional book “30 Years” and more recently, in November 2016, with the book Commandments. The internationalization of the SA&V brand is a process of decades, but it was only in 2011 that it was systematized with the launch of SA&V International, whose central management is headquartered in Lisbon, but also has two other operational centres; Zurich that covers all of Europe and the Chinese territory and S. Francisco to the US market. Projects have already been implemented in Spain, Switzerland, the USA and China. The solidity of the studio brings an added security, always beneficial when deciding to leave to other borders. In addition to this International expansion, there is another market segment that is very important for SA&V. This is the market that represents foreigners in Portugal. Customers who come from outside Portugal to live or buy second homes, and look to SA&V because of the experience and know-how that they recognize in this dynamic and innovative brand. Through this international growth the firm have already undertaken projects for clients in Russia, Germany, France, Switzerland, China, Ukraine, Brazil and Angola. Now the team, which currently numbers 22 staff, is led by the founding partners Carmo Aranha and Rosário Tello together with the younger partners Ana Camões and Francisca Perestrelo. This team, made up of multi-faceted and multipurpose employees, makes it possible with their commitment and talent to maintain the SA&V brand a symbol of creativity, quality and service at levels that have always been desirable. It is a team prepared to face the projects in Portugal, or in any of the international markets where the brand is already present. Moving forward, SA&V’s future plans are to continue to grow in a consolidated manner, to strengthen our international operation, both in terms of projects and in terms of communication and brand recognition. “We are developing a concerted communication strategy in several countries and with Focus on various areas such as Business, social and lifestyle, and to continue to create ambiances of excellence for those who look for us.” For this the firm counts on the experience of 31 years of existence, with a solid, professional and dynamic team and with the business partners that have made part of this journey. Within the wider architecture market, the firm have noticed that customers are becoming more and more aware of quality and expect suppliers to meet proactively the highest quality requirements for products and services. As such, SA&V have implemented a project to create a Quality Management System according to the International Standard ISO 9001. This is yet another way that SA&V have demonstrated its commitment to the quality and satisfaction of its customers, and this will remain its ongoing focus over the coming months and years. 1703BU09