BUILD April 2017

32 BUILD / April 2017 , A Triple Award Winning Structural and Non- Destructive Testing Business How did Intratest come about? If there is one thing that I have learnt over the past 15 years in the structural testing business, its accurate and meaningful results are of fundamental importance. Why do I say this? Simply because, the reason behind structural testing in the first place, is to check the integrity of the various structures being tested, to ensure potential defects do not pose a risk to those using them, or passing near them if they are part of our environment. After all, one thing, all of us deserve is to be safe in the knowledge that the equipment we are using, the buildings we live in, or frequent, and the infrastructure we rely on for transport is built, and maintained to the highest possible standards always. In 2012 I was presented with the opportunity of creating and developing a structural testing business based on my core values and beliefs, summed up in three simple words ‘Integrity Based Solutions’ . So Intratest Ltd was born. What services does Intratest Offer? Intratest’s services include: • Standard Non-Destructive Testing • Specialist Non-Destructive Testing • Electrical Testing & General Maintenance Specifically, aimed at the street lighting and highway industry sectors, where we focus chiefly on our Standard Non-Destructive Testing service that uses the ColcheK™ system, a specialised, non-destructive inspection tool for the detection and estimation of corrosion damage near and below ground level in lighting columns and similar structures. It essence it measures any reduction in the thickness of street lighting columns, in the high stress zone, where any loss of metal thickness can significantly reduce the strength of the column, and may eventually lead to collapse. As with all our services, we also carry out a visual inspection of every street lighting or highway column being tested, checking for signs of corrosion, paint flaking, visible deformation and even holes caused by moisture penetration and neglect. The results of these testing services are recorded, analysed, and using our risk assessment process, developed inhouse over many years. With each column given a risk category that indicates life expectancy and retest periods. Enabling us to develop meaningful asset management programmes for our customers, that help them manage their budgets to maintain the street lighting columns under their control. We also continue to develop our Specialist Non-Destructive Testing service, again for the street lighting and highways industry sectors, which encompasses testing of high masts, flanged and bridge mounted columns, traffic mast arms and gantries and motorway safety barriers. Various testing techniques are used depending on the structure being tested and include Ultrasonics, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Ultrasonic Thickness, Dye Penetrant and Flooded Member, to assess the integrity of structures on our highways. Both these services are complimented by our Electrical Testing and General Maintenance services, that includes electrical fault finding and minor repairs, high mast maintenance inspection, along with LED replacement projects. Resulting in a well-rounded set of services to our customers interested in maintaining their street lighting assets and other metal structures on the highways and byways of Great Britain. All these services are underpinned by our commitment to our ‘Integrity Based Solutions’ approach in the shape of making sure all those involved with the provision of our services, being experienced, competent and compliant with various industry standards. Including HERS for the street lighting industry, and qualified PCN Level 2 engineers for all our Specialist Non-Destructive Testing services. What sets Intratest apart from other companies in this industry? We are proud of our commitment to uphold our belief in ‘Integrity Based Solutions’ and continue to drive up standards in our industry. Something that can be seen from our certifications, registrations, memberships • The National Highway Sector Scheme 8 for The National Highways Sector Schemes for Quality Management in Highway Works 8 (NHSS 8) • The Quality Management Standard ISO9001: 2015, achieving transition from ISO9001: 2008 well ahead of the curve for our industry • The Occupational Health & Safety standard BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 • Registration to the Highway Electrical Registration Scheme (HERS) • Member of the Highway Electrical Association (HEA) • Corporate member of the Institute of Lighting Professionals (ILP) • Achilles Building Confidence - Level 3 attained Along with maintaining connections to the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing. However, to cap off one our most successful years yet we are proud to say we are a triple award winning business “Best Street Lighting Maintenance Specialist & award for Excellence in Non-Destructive Testing – Dorset” – Construction & Engineering Awards 2016 “Most Outstanding Street Lighting Maintenance Specialist” – AI Global Excellence Awards 2016 1704BU04