BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

98 Build 2017 Architecture Awards tudio Negri strive for excellence in the realm of Eco Architecture and sustainable designs that are simple, elegant and uncluttered. Every scheme is regarded as a singular opportunity to achieve design ingenuity with a strong understanding of environmental and sustainable issues. The firm possess a mix of private and public clients, however, for one off houses and extensions the clients tend to be private, while the firm has also completed a number of public jobs for County Councils and the Office of Public Works. Andre outlines the firm’s latest project, detailing some of the challenges that the firm came across and what aspects staff are particularly proud of. “Currently, we have a house renovation on site where the Energy Rating is an E and we intend to bring it up to Passive House standards. This will have a remarkable effect on the future energy performance of the house. We have also just complete a public project in the West of Ireland for seven no. low energy houses that are wheelchair friendly. The technology in the houses include environmental controls that enable users to open doors, windows & curtains, raise levels of counters & adjust lighting all from a remote control. This adds dramatically to the quality of life of the users.” Staff working towards achieving the same goals can be of great benefit to companies as it helps them to reach their vision. Andre outlines the overall mission of the firm to us, mainly focusing on the environmentally friendly aspects of the business. This mission is key as to how the company approaches new projects, as Andre points out. “At Studio Negri, our mission is to design buildings with excellent thermal and acoustic performance, quality natural light and low carbon footprints that automatically reduce energy consumption and promote efficient energy use. When undertaking a new project, we pay particular attention to design details such as thermal performance, preventing air leakage, quality natural light and low carbon footprints.” Distinguishing itself from competitors, Andre points out that the firm has been acknowledged in many books. Its recent achievements and success help to Best Sustainable Architecture Firm – Leinster & Irish Commercial Refurbishment of the Year 2017: IWA Oak House Energy Upgrade, Cork Studio Negri is comprised of highly qualified architects and technicians that are registered members of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. We profiled the firm to find out what makes it so successful and attractive to clients, old and new. Contact: Andre Negri Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Unit 87, The Academy, Parkwest Pointe, Dublin 12, Ireland Phone: 00353 086 821 2674 Website: AR170102 S mark the firm out as the best possible option for both current and prospective clients. “Relating to the firm’s success, we were showcased in the international book ‘100 Eco Architects’. Studio Negri was selected for its contribution to the essential arena of sustainable design and clients are increasingly aware of how important this approach is in design. We recently won an international competition in Dublin, however that project will not be realised.” Ensuring projects are completed to the highest possible standard, technology is used by the firm. Software products are used by the firm as well as physical products which help staff to understand the nature of the project that they are undertaking. “With regard to technology, we build physical and computer models of all our projects, which help give a thorough understanding of the scheme and its relation to context. We also use software products that calculate heat and moisture transport in walls and other multi-layer building components exposed to natural weather.” As it looks towards the future, Studio Negri has undertaken a project which helps to keep the minds at the firm fresh, creating new ideas which will only benefit the company in the future. Andre is keen to point out that the company would entertain the proposition of completing a project within the UK. “Looking ahead, we are currently working on a competition which helps to keep design thinking fresh and challenging. Additionally, we are also working on products such as armchairs, one of which can be experienced in a recently opened modern restaurant in Malahide, Dublin. The frame is of Accoya, a softwood timber with exceptional environmental credentials and the fabric is Cradle to Cradle certified. We strive to complete all projects to the best of our ability and take on jobs nationwide and would love to do a project in the UK.”