BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

2017 Architecture Awards Build “Every project is unique and every client brief is different, there is a period of consultation where we get to know our clients and get a feel for what they are looking for. The emphasis is always on finding a design solution right for each individual site. Design options are drawn up and the project evolves from there. Our investment in 3D technology now means that our clients can see their build in 3D, allowing them to instantly engage with their build.” Within a competitive industry such as Architecture, firms must differentiate themselves from their competitors. The firm’s referral rate demonstrates how the company marks itself out as the best possible option, according to Lynn. “Having built a solid reputation in the Thames Valley area, our 100% referral rate speaks for itself and we have a very positive relationship with the local planning authorities. We only recommend builders that have worked for us in the past to ensure our clients get the best building firms and craftsmen for their build. We offer the whole package and our clients react very positively to it.” With regards to the architecture industry in the region currently, Lynn mentions that a lot of clients living in Grade II listed properties and want to upgrade them to a more modern feel, offering a number of exciting opportunities for her firm. “At Lynn Palmer Architects, we are meeting a lot of clients that live in Grade II Listed properties and whilst they are beautiful homes full of character and history they aren’t always conducive to modern living. We are slowly changing attitudes towards listed buildings and showing our clients that you shouldn’t see your home as a barrier to modern design but rather the perfect picture frame around a modern build. We have had a large number of contemporary glass extensions to listed buildings sail through planning recently.” Regarding the firm’s future, Lynn would like to see the company to continue to grow, becoming synonymous with contemporary extensions to listed properties and large bespoke buildings, whilst as the same time, being able to push creative design.