BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

78 Build 2017 Architecture Awards KMY Architects Ltd offer the full range of architectural design and consultancy services, including master planning at all scales, and enabling the creative re-use of existing buildings. The firm is committed to working with clients throughout the whole process, from inception to completion and beyond - even monitoring new and existing buildings to ensure that they perform as intended. This holistic client- oriented approach, as well as the practice’s commitment to creating liveable, sustainable designs is integral to making DKMY outstanding in its field. Building a sustainable future is a passion shared by the whole team, with environmentally-focussed design being the common thread that runs through all the firm’s projects. Their work continually seeks to reduce the amount of energy consumed within the construction and operation of projects taken on by the team. DKMY aim to create flexible and adaptive spaces, and are particularly proud of their innovative solutions for the sustainable repurposing of existing buildings. We asked Richard to tell us more about the firm’s latest ventures, and the challenges the workforce has come up against in the practice’s mission to provide architectural advice and design with a focus on sustainability. “We are currently working on several projects, with the largest and most challenging of these being the conversion of a semi derelict Grade II listed Victorian mansion into 14 luxury apartments and town houses. Despite having to work with the existing historic fabric of the building, notably the intricate wall and ceiling details, we have been able to introduce a broad range of sustainable features into the property, including thermally upgrading the building, increasing the overall air tightness and introducing controlled ventilation systems.” “Other projects include two new Micro Breweries. Both are looking to establish themselves as zero-carbon businesses. Our design work will extend beyond the buildings to include ways of heating and cooling the beer, capturing the heat and re-using it in the brewing process. It is proposed that there will be Best Architecture & Sustainability Consulting Firm - East Midlands DKMY Architects Ltd is a design-led architects practice based within the Derwent Mills World Heritage Site, committed to providing a sustainably-minded consultancy service to clients within the residential, educational and commercial sectors. We invited Richard Keighley to tell us more about the firm and find out the reasons behind its success. Contact: Richard Keighley Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 10 Spencer Road, Belper, Derbyshire. DE56 1JY UK Phone: 01773 828126 Website: AR170096 D a money back scheme on the bottles, beer kegs will be made from recycled plastic and we are even looking at delivering the beer using a restored electric milk float, charged using Solar Photovoltaic Panels integrated within the design.” Discussing the overall trajectory of the firm, Richard talks to us about the practice’s passion behind their commitment to providing and facilitating sustainable building design. “Although we are working right across the UK, we are incredibly proud of - and passionate about - the town and community within which we work and live. Our work seeks to build on Belper’s heritage as a cradle of industry and innovation by finding pioneering and cost-effective solutions to improve and enhance existing and future buildings in the places that we work and live. “The firm’s fundamental passion for our local community comes through in the projects we take on in the office. Each year we undertake, free of charge, one major project that we think will have a significant social benefit to the local community. As a company, we like to get involved in voluntary work - it helps small groups with big ideas get started and to access funding streams that otherwise would not be available to them. In 2014 we helped a local community care farm and education facility by providing them with designs for low carbon classrooms and a farm shop. In 2015 we designed replacement Community Tearooms to be built within the World Heritage Site. These will replace the original Tearooms that have lain derelict for nearly twenty years, and should bring jobs and tourism to the town - as well as breathing life back into a much-loved public space.” Ultimately, DKMY are now looking to build on their success, and the practice is looking forward to starting work on their own offices - local and sustainably designed, of course. Richard is excited about the future, looking to maintain the proud heritage that the company enjoys.