BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

2017 Architecture Awards Build Theatre, office and ICT suite, West London, UK Low energy, 1st to 3rd age private house, West Country, UK Royal Ordnance Depot, reuse and new construction, near Northampton, UK Previously the practice designed an innovation hub for Corporation of London and Innovation Warehouse at Smithfield which used both formal and informal spaces. The value-added for the client is the hub has already produced several unicorn businesses. Overall, the firm’s ethos is the application of skill and use of resource in a focused way that makes more of what we have. Perhaps counter intuitively, and not reflected in any of the low energy standards, it is a fundamental starting point for the practice that: if you do not need it, then do not build it. New energy production measures are employed when this basic principle has been addressed. Discussing the future, Founder Paul Vick is optimistic that his firm can continue to grow and build upon its current success. “Technology frees us to do so many things, and it is the context and the way we use it that gives value. The Greek meaning of ‘techne’ refers to skill and resource. It is not just about the lever, but about the lever and how you use it. Within the market currently, we are seeing an even more interconnected world with greater inter-dependencies and consequences whether this is climate change, demographic demands or personal needs. At the same time, the opportunities for better solutions through technology and innovation have never been better. This is an opportunity to do more with less for our clients, their users and future users.”