BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

69 2017 Architecture Awards Build rincipal of LC Fisher Architecture, Inc., Laurie C. Fisher believes Southern California is a place well suited to practice architecture. Laurie provides us with a brief overview of the industry. “Southern California is a great place to practice architecture. After some rough years during the crash of 2008, the building industry has rebounded with force. We are also in the midst of a critical housing shortage, and much focus is being placed on creating new homes. All the activity has spurred a robust interest on the part of home owners to upgrade, add to, or build their homes.” Laurie believes the experience she gained as an employee before she started her own firm has been integral to the company’s success. She also discusses the services the firm provides and some of the projects which the firm has currently undertaken. “The experience that was gained while I was an employee prior to starting out on my own has had an enormous impact on our successful completion of projects. Regulations have become more stringent, requiring greater professional expertise to navigate properly.” “While our focus is mainly residential, we are also a popular choice for restaurants, bars and cafes. We also have some medical and assisted living facility projects currently underway.” Ultimately, it is the experience at LC Fisher Architecture, Inc. which marks the firm out as the most attractive proposition for clients. Staff at the firm can use this diverse experience to focus future growth in the assisted living industry, something Laurie is keen to point out, thanks to a previous experience managing projects for a health care provider. “As our population ages, the housing supply shortage becomes even more critical. Building on our unique residential design, and my background in medical services design, we plan to focus future growth on the assisted living Best Full-Service Custom Home Architecture Practice - Southern California & Most Innovative Californian Residence Design: Wayne Residence, Del Mar, California LC Fisher Architecture, Inc. is a full-service architecture and interior design firm specializing in custom homes and remodels, assisted living communities, and select commercial projects in Southern California. We invited Laurie to tell us a bit more about the successful firm. Contact: Laurie C Fisher Contact Email: [email protected] Phone: 001 619 252 2312 Website: AR170085 P industry. Bringing universal design, and bright, clean and joyful environments to folks who have trouble getting around or who may be in end of life moments has become very important to me. Once again, our unique combination of diverse experience enables us to bring talent to the table that may be hard to find elsewhere.”