BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

60 Build 2017 Architecture Awards or over 28 years MCM have been one of the leading workplace designers and architects in the UK and Europe. The team includes talented creative designers, architects and technicians as well as strategists and consultants. Clients of the firm are both the occupiers of workspace as well as the developers and funds of commercial buildings. For both the company creates value. For Occupiers, the firm’s inspiring design skills combined with its intellectual rigor create unique solutions to complex challenges often around transforming an organisation and helping them attract the very best talent. For landlords, MCM create value in a different sort of way by reimaging buildings to be attractive to potential occupiers. Ultimately, all of the company’s work is focused on inspiring the people that experience, work or visit buildings or interiors that the firm have created. Regarding its latest project, the firm faced some challenges it had to overcome but also contained key aspects which the company is proud of. The aim for the refurbishment of a client’s office in London was to embrace a new agile working strategy across the entire business for the first time, creating a world class client experience and exceptional facilities. The 100,000-square foot space is home to over 900 staff located over 6 floors and has been transformed to include a myriad of different spaces that staff can choose to work from, including formal and informal meeting rooms, numerous breakout spaces and a staff area that doubles as an event space for clients. The project enabled a new agile and collaborative working environment to be created with different team neighbourhoods introduced, all operating with clean desk policies. This constituted a major change from the previous work environment and has transformed the way the client’s company worked. An added complexity was that all the work was carried out while the client remained in occupation. The team implemented a phased program of construction and decanting people over 15 months. It is worth noting, the team worked seamlessly to ensure the new building promoted the client’s brand, provided a new range of client experiences and improved communication and integration across the business, removing physical barriers and encouraging collaboration and communication on all levels. Outlining the firms overall mission, the company has a stark vision - “Realising the power of design to inspire & transform; releasing the potential of people wherever they are.” The firm believes that the design process should be continuous from inception through to completion. The company provide an integrated service incorporating workplace and organisational change, through due diligence and brief definition, to design and delivery of the finished workplace. MCM has built up a strong reputation within the industry for its design and strategic skills. At MCM, staff put their clients first and are proud of the fact that up to 50% of its fee income can be attributed to repeat business in recent years, demonstrating that the company is going in the right direction. The business holds a wealth of experience in working internationally. Its extensive knowledge of contemporary workplace ideas and environments, coupled with its work across a wide variety of different sectors allows it to cross fertilise ideas, enabling it to consult both wide and deep with its clients to truly deliver unique and beautiful environments that deliver on many levels. When approaching a new project, the firm focuses on key areas in order to ensure success, believing in knowledge based design. Fundamentally, the company focuses on design that has meaning and not just design for design sake. The company likes to deliver a high standard of customer service, with data, knowledge and a deep understanding of its client the starting point of the project. The firm believes passionately that a knowledge-led Best Workplace Interior Design Company 2017 For over 28 years MCM have been one of the leading workplace designers and architects in the UK and Europe. We profiled the firm to find out a bit more about them and what makes them successful. Contact: Alexandra Green Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 71 Hopton Street, London, SE1 9LR, UK Phone: 0207 902 0900 Website: AR170071 F