BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

58 Build 2017 Architecture Awards ounded by husband and wife team Nathalie Tremblay and Dave Nicholas, Atelier Cachet’s edgy, sleek aesthetic and it’s use of simple forms with a balanced mix of materials during the design process have earned its reputation as a leader in the custom contemporary design/build category. Nathalie describes what type of clients the firm usually deals with, and what services the company can provide them with. “The clients that approach us are individuals that have a good sense of what they want; they want to work with us because they love Atelier Cachet brand and want to bring their project to the next level by pushing the boundaries and exceeding everyone’s expectations. Our clients understand the value of hiring a designer to complete a successful project. “Clients come to us because we provide a full interior design and build service for new builds, renovation projects and custom interiors. We offer solutions from start to finish and have a team of reputable and experienced trade’s people.” Atelier Cachet has undertaken many projects but its latest project is something that really stands out. Each project has its own unique challenges and Nathalie describes how the firm overcame these challenges, ensuring the final product was something that it could really be proud of and it was. “Our latest design project involved a custom built modern home that offers it all. It has over 14,000 square feet of living space and 1,500 square feet of terraces including infinity edge pool and spa. Multi levels of luxury with stunning views from all floors facing Ramsey Lake; this incredible home offers a dramatic open floor plan concept with generous use of high quality finishes throughout. “The key challenges we had were the overall complexity of the project and to seamlessly integrated all the intricate design elements without compromising or having a disconnection between the design and construction. Understanding how to execute the build of a design at the designing stage was critical as it ensures the integrity of the vision was fulfilled from conception through to construction. We are thrilled with the outcome and extremely proud of the final product, it’s absolutely stunning. All the endless hours, drawings and sacrifices that we had to make to finally see the vision come to life paid off, it’s incredible!!!” Highlighting the important services the company provides, Nathalie reveals the distinctive brand is what sets it apart from its competitors within the industry. Attending shows is a useful way in which the firm keeps up to date with emerging developments and trends, ensuring the company never gets left behind. “Atelier Cachet has a powerful and distinctive brand that sets us apart from the others. We believe that design and build goes hand in hand to create a successful project. To ensure we are keeping up to speed with any emerging trends we regularly attend design, fashion, car and trade shows to be aware of new ideas to set our own trends. We have a constant desire to grow and learn. We always explore and develop new ideas. We are adventurous, creative and open minded. Change is something we always look to embrace.” When working on a new venture, the company approaches each project with an open mind, setting out with a fresh vision and commitment to delivering an exemplary service for its clients. Customer service and meeting the clients’ requests is something that the firm holds in high regard and is integral to the service it provides. “The firm believes that every project has its own unique set of challenges and solutions, worthy of a creative cutting edge contemporary design. We approach each project with a fresh vision, focused passion and commitment to outstanding service.” Best Luxury Interior Design Firm - Southern Ontario Atelier Cachet is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary design firm that builds modern, luxe estate and designs couture interiors. We invited Nathalie Tremblay, co-founder, to tell us a bit more about the firm and the secrets behind its success. Contact: Nathalie Tremblay Contact Address: [email protected] Address: 45 Avocet Dr. Vaughan, Ontario, L4H 2H3, Canada Phone: 416 805 1573 Website: AR170075 F