BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

45 2017 Architecture Awards Build ofrichter-Ritter work with clients to ensure that they create innovative projects which stand the test of time. Gernot outlines the firm’s innovative approach to its work. “Architecture is an artistic fact an emotional phenomenon; it has nothing to do with pure design issues, through form, symbolism, expression and posture. Architecture is not only for the privileged, but the whole society. “In addition to the design architecture is the vision and commitment of the owners for the success of a building. There should be a synergy between architect and client. We see all kinds of structural intervention as object of architecture Also it is your intention and attitude should match ideally with the builders. Only the merging of the place, the design and the identification of the client to the building leads to a good solution. On the contrary, the current situation in Austria, the architect should have been instrumental in the quality of our surrounding habitat. Here we mean not only the “material” spatial elements, but also the “intangible” such as sound and light as well as structuring infrastructure, transport systems and spatial planning.” Ultimately, Gernot believes that his firm’s skill lies in creating a space which enhances the area which it inhabits. “Overall, we must be active architects and communicate the importance of the quality of the habitat for the company again and again in the formation of opinion. In addition to the urban environment every place has a story his, sort of memory. Its geographical location for millions of years. In order to deal respectfully is for us, crucial. “With regards to the surrounding space, the quality of a building also consists of the approach. The surrounding space is a kind of foyer, which prepares the user to the building. Working with this aspect is important for us, in the drama of experiencing a building.” Architectural Planning Company of the Year 2017 - Austria Hofrichter-Ritter Architekten ZT GmbH is an innovative architectural planning firm based in Graz, Austria. We invited Gernot Ritter to tell us more. Contact: Gernot Ritter Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Färbergasse 6, A-8010 Graz, Austria Phone: 0043 316 723538 AR170066 H HOFRICHTER-RITTER Architects ZT GmbH