BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

28 Build 2017 Architecture Awards ith many years as a corporate travel professional, Julia has flown, dined, sailed, snorkelled and trekked across the globe in search of some of the world’s greatest treasures…from ancient civilizations and places of worship to some of the most modern and cosmopolitan landmark hotels and palaces, from architecture (ancient and modern) to Michelin-star rated cuisine to international haute couture fashion! Life is to be lived and enjoyed and Julia tries to carry that “theme” or mind-set throughout her company. Interior Design Group is a team of dedicated experts and professionals of their industry. From talented draftsman, rendering artists, architects, engineers, artisans, craftsman, factories and specialty installers (the ones that truly makes us shine) to specialty finishers, textile and rug suppliers to some of the world’s best product reps and vendors. Interior Design Group is proud to be celebrating their 12th anniversary in business this year. IDG works with a wide variety of clients, who tend to be highly-educated, well -travelled, successful innovators of their field, often with a specific design objective in mind; although the firm also works with clients that give them full creative control, to procure the furnishings, goods, crews, services and equipment or materials necessary to complete the project. Their client demographic has ranged from 13-90 years of age. Julia discusses recent trends in the market and how her firm adapts around these to offer clients fashionable yet functional designs: “With the new millennial generation loving the “open concept” look, often in neutral palettes with clean lines, attention to energy-efficient and ADA compliancy with technology at every turn; in contrast we also cater to the “golden generation” clientele, that love their luxurious fine goods and compartmentalized rooms; that still believe in a personal invitation and a hand written note instead of an email (and yes, they still want wifi in every room; on every floor), while preferring separate spaces; a library, a study, a foyer, a washroom, a kitchen etc., instead of unifying the spaces as a “great room”, or suite, they enjoy many rooms with coziness instead of mass open rectangles of space. In short, each and every client and project is so very different, there is zero chance for boredom to ensue. We inspire to infuse I N T E R I O R D E S I G N G R O U P Best Full-Service Interior Design Company - Greater Los Angeles Interior Design Group is an award-winning, interior design firm offering full design services to commercial and luxury residential real estate owners. With global perspective and multi-disciplinary teams, we believe our diversity and capability with special attention to functionality, detail and environmental awareness set us apart from the crowd. Julia Diamond is an accredited American Society Interior Designer; she talks us through her role in the firm’s success. W AR170037 Company: Interior Design Group Contact: Julia L. Diamond, ASID (American Society Interior Designer) Address: 3625 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd #271 Westlake village, CA 91362 Phone: 011 805 428 8294 Email: [email protected] Website: amond/julia-diamond-interior- design-studio fresh perspectives and ideas in our home, living and workspaces. From the air we breathe inside to the materials we select for our furnishings and finishes, it all matters. Aesthetic beauty is only a portion of the overall design objective. Overall, Julia has a passion for incorporating technology, spatial design and function to create totally unique environments, is keen to emphasise that this is the future and shares some of the ways in which technology can be added to create a truly phenomenal space. “From smart homes to digital design plans and drawings, to LED lighting and motion detectors, to motorized blackout drapery and window shades, to cable, data, fibre optics and energy-efficient home offices, to surge- protecting computer and security systems and cameras to hidden audio speakers and surround-sound theatre systems to “pet tenders” and plant-irrigation systems; to mini-bars in the bedroom, to full keg and wine management tenders to craft beer refrigeration in the basement, cooking systems in the kitchen to state-of-the-art steam and shower systems in the bathrooms; honestly the sky (or our imagination) is the limit.