BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

24 Build 2017 Architecture Awards ex’s most recent undertaking was a set of four modern terraced houses within an ordinary town road of late nineteenth century dwellings, now comprising up-dated elevations and some newer buildings inserted. This provided an opportunity of a realistic compromise in circumstances which throughout the UK are generally very common indeed. The opportunity of utilising the ancient Golden Section Rectangle allowed a simple all brick elevation with a moderate cutback elevation on two houses which did not exist in the original highway at all. Recognised Expert in Neo Vernacular Housing Initiatives - UK Rex Hawkesworth RIBA Rex Hawkesworth RIBA is a Hampshire based Architect creating a range of innovative projects. He talks us through his work and his most recent project, which highlights the superb quality which he works towards at all times. R AR170009 Contact: Rex Hawkesworth Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 4 Rampart Gardens, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO3 5LR, UK Phone: 023 9266 2330 A three-dimension opportunity therefore allowed a brick porch on two of the setback houses to provide a feature and a projection which could compare with the reset door inserts on the other two houses. This was the only physical design difference to both pairs of houses which otherwise were identical incorporating brick soldier courses and cantilevered eaves supports throughout. Looking ahead, all future projects will be offered to the same exceptional style in order to ensure that clients continue to receive the very highest standards of service and the outcome they need. Both pairs of houses were identically designed therefore with the empahasis on a projecting open porch-way for one pair and a recessed porch for the other. The building envelope was the complete elevation to the road and was divided into two with a pair of houses set back two metres and the other pair forward. This had two benefits, one to provide a much needed special break and the other a chance to project part of the elevation forward as a feature.