BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

2017 Architecture Awards Build Possessing an extensive knowledge of the local markets and standing at the intersection of developed and emerging economies, FR-EE combines this with a vision of global trends and aspirations, with projects in Mexico, Asia, Europe and USA. Clients approach the firm with unique ideas and ambitions, leading staff to set about creating bespoke solutions, ranging from iconic to rational projects. Ultimately, there is a huge number of staff in place at FR-EE, leading to an immense amount of experience combined, enabling the company to produce a quality service and of course, deliver excellent projects. Using this experience, the team will look to expand the business both locally and globally, continuing with its mission of modernising historical settings, where appropriate. Having already gained a huge following and amount of attention, FR-EE will be able to build on the solid foundations already laid and catapult itself into the future.