BUILD - Architecture Awards 2017

100 Build 2017 Architecture Awards DP works across all sectors integrating architecture, business and strategy to create spaces that enhance our environment and daily lives. The directors talk through the services they offer and how their ‘collective culture’ is key to their success. “I guess you could say we are no one thing. A combination of things maybe; a collective of people with genuine skills and different identities and expertise.’’ “We’re a real mix - experts that’ve been twice around the block, young minds driving innovation, we’ve got kind and sensitive souls, the brave and the bold. We’re a good friend to clients, and we enjoy surprising them, working with them and being praised for delivering on time and on budget. We’re enviably disciplined and wildly creative – we are IDP.” Discussing their strong ‘one team’ ethic, the directors highlight how it enhances everything they do, from the variety of services they offer, to standing out from the crowd and their passion to Interact, Design, Perform. “As a multi-disciplinary we are above all a strong collective – we’ve got planners, architects, project managers, urban and landscape designers, health specialists, technicians and creatives all with differing skills and views, but we work together to make our mark on the world …and we want it to be a well thought out and beautiful one. We want to leave a legacy and we’re not afraid to say it. We deliver on our promises and learn something new every day. Sometimes we disagree, but always we challenge ourselves to do better. That is how we progress.’’ Being a multidisciplinary takes a lot of work operationally so when it’d be far easier to offer clients less we find out why they’re so keen to offer more. “26 years ago we were solely architecture and loved it, but we’ve moved on - we offer more. We’ve never found much incentive in easy and it’s our diversity that makes us strong; we’ve got over 70 experts across eight specialisms - Best Multi-Disciplinary Architecture Firm – England & Most Innovative Healthcare Design Project 2017 – Forum Health Centre Recognised as a leading multi-disciplinary practice, with award winning buildings and notably diverse projects across the UK, we meet the directors of IDP and find out what makes them tick. Company: IDP Group Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 27 Spon Street, Coventry, CV1 3BA, UK Phone: 02476 527600 Website: AR170111 I Architecture, Project Management, Urban Design, Landscape, Health, Cost Consultancy, Planning and Research and Development. And we’re a proper family, there for each other whenever we’re needed. That kind of loyalty gets the job done well. We are never short on resources.’’ Looking to the future, IDP is enjoying global reach and a huge variety of projects. The directors talk us through some recent work. “Together we’re bringing life to so many interesting and ambitious projects from Westminster to Hong Kong – our work is never dull. A state-of-the-art Emergency Department in Leicester one day, a functional re-design of DEFRA headquarters, Westminster the next. We’ve produced proposals for business enterprises in The Cotswolds to innovative estates strategies for the NHS supporting their future clinical services. Additionally, we have restored Grade I, II and heritage buildings and imagined and realised exciting new Urban Design and Landscape developments from Scotland to Basingstoke. Alongside this, we are also excited to be leading on a new acute hospital in Hong Kong and getting stuck into re-modelling iconic buildings in our beloved home town of Coventry. While this keeps them all rather busy they still push themselves to interact with their communities too. ‘’It’s essential to stay connected, it brings new experiences and people. We work with local universities – teaching and encouraging students, offering projects and placements. We want to attract the best new talent and bring in people that appreciate our core values - so we take the time to share with them.” Ultimately, IDP celebrates its achievements in a way that makes its staff feel acknowledged. This helps the internal culture and keeps the working