2017 Women in BUILD Awards

2017 Women in BUILD Awards Build The Winners Are... 4. Oregon State University BUILD Gender Diversity Award in Engineering Education 2017 6. Fusion Interiors Group Best Female Owned Interior Design Company - 2017 & BUILD Excellence Award for Hospitality Design 10. Sequoia London Architecture Entrepreneur of the Year – UK & Best International Interior Architecture Firm - UK 12. Grotec Landscape Solutions Female Landscape Designer of the Year - Gold Coast 14. Michael Wright Estate Agents Most Trusted Estate Agent – UK & Best Independent Estate Agency - London 16. ARCH&also Most Industrious Woman in Custom Residential Renovations & BUILD Excellence Award for Residential Installations 17. Blindshapers Ltd Best Window Coverings CEO – UK & Excellence Award for Specialist Shaped Blinds - UK 18. Conbu Interior Design Interior Design Business Leader of the Year - Republic of Ireland & BUILD Excellence Award for Luxury Design Consultancy 19. Hampton University Most Innovative Woman in Flood Risk Architecture – USA & Academic Leader in Architecture Graduate Studies - USA 20. Hunt Property Services Ltd Most Acclaimed Luxury Property Sales Specialist – UK & Award for Excellence in Property Renovations - 2017 21. Protek Products BUILD Woman of the Year for Preservative Timber Coatings 2017 & Best Wood Coatings Manufacturer - UK 22. Roofing Consultants Ltd Best Roofing Specialist - North West England & Best for Roofing Consultancy – 2017 23. St William Homes LLP Rising Star in Site Management 2017 - UK 24. tangramGulf Architecture & Design Director of the Year - UAE

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